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“Refreshing” the exterior of your home is a great way to improve its street view and increase property value. Whether you are restoring, painting, revamping, re-roofing, cleaning, fencing, building a deck or improving your home’s fire resistance; your local Refresh Renovations and Remodeling Exterior Specialist will ensure it is carried out to a high standard.

What exterior renovation services does Refresh Portland provide?

Refresh Renovations provides end-to-end project management along with a great team of renovation and remodeling specialists. They can support you with:
- Exterior painting
- Home restoration
- Roof replacement
- Roof coating
- Pressure washing
- Resurfacing
- Siding
- Fence construction
- Deck builds
- Improving indoor/outdoor flow
- Improving wildfire resistance

How much will it cost to improve my home exterior?

The cost will depend on the work you require, the materials you select, any existing damage, site preparation requirements, permits and the amount of time and labor needed to carry out your project. If would like to have your home exterior painted, costs start from around $4,500 - depending on the size of your home. This does not include any repairs which may need to be carried out before painting can begin. Building a fence can cost around $35+ per linear foot, depending on the materials you select and your fence’s height. To install siding, prices start from around $15 per square foot. Your local renovation and remodel specialist will be able to provide an accurate cost estimate for your specific ideas and requirements.

Note: costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. 

Will Refresh take care of any required permits?

Depending on your project, a building or other permit may be required. For new structures, such as decks and fencing, height will determine whether or not a permit is required. Your exterior renovation and remodel specialist can advise you on whether or not a permit will be needed and will take care of the application process for you. For more information regarding permits, please consult your local specialist or visit portlandoregon.gov.

What materials are commonly used for home exteriors in Portland?

The materials that people choose to use throughout their home exterior generally depend on personal preference, cost and the style of their home. Another important consideration is the durability of the material - particularly if you live within a wildfire hazard area. To improve the fire-resistance of your home, portlandoregon.gov recommends using materials such as aluminum or clay for your roof, stucco and stone for exterior walls and triple glazing for windows. For further information, contact your local exterior renovation specialist or visit portlandoregon.gov.      

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