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When it comes to luxury remodels, it is of utmost importance to choose builders you can not only trust, but ones that have the required expertise to ensure that your high-end renovation project will look outstanding. Refresh is a world-leading home renovations company renowned for offering bespoke designs and end-to-end project management services. Having completed over 1,000 renovations across the globe means our design and Remodelling Consultants draw on the best practices and innovative design methods from around the world, to provide you with a distinguished result. 
Working with Refresh on your luxury remodels means having a team of consultants focused on bringing your vision to life with impeccable quality, both on-time and on-budget. 

What are some popular luxury remodelling trends in Portland, Oregon?

When it comes to lifestyle enhancing remodels, your options are almost limitless and often depend on your unique needs and wants. However, if you’re craving inspiration, here are some of the most popular luxury remodelling trends in Portland: 


With so many nature-lovers in Portland, it’s not surprising how many homeowners choose to add a luxurious solarium or four-season room to their home. Whether you want to use it to relax, work, or entertain; a sunroom is the perfect way to inject a healthy dose of sunshine into your home and family.

Outdoor Kitchens

Al Fresco dining is becoming increasingly popular these days as people are catching on to the fact that there is little better than dining outside while enjoying the weather. This is especially ideal for homeowners who enjoy entertaining guests.

Modernized Bathroom Designs

Perhaps you have experienced a bathroom garden during your holiday in the islands? Well, you can recreate this at home by blocking off a section of your garden with planted bamboo for privacy and create a little oasis just outside your bathroom. A floor to ceiling wall of grass can help create the feeling of bringing the outdoors into your bathroom. If you’re not a fan of bamboo, you can always go with elegant Shoji screens.
Another popular choice is to indulge in a freestanding bath, which can be positioned almost anywhere and helps in creating a sense of extra space.
For beach dwellers and sports enthusiasts, you can even build an outdoor shower—ensuring you never drag sun, mud, or grass inside!

High-End Bedroom Upgrades

These range from building custom walk-in wardrobes that not only keep your clothes organized but make it easier to display your collection, to dedicated shoe rooms to safely display your sneaker or designer shoe collection! 

Gourmet Kitchen Remodels

Portland is one of the leading cities when it comes to stylish new kitchen designs, with many homeowners competing to create high-end, award-winning, environmentally conscious kitchens. Whether you’re considering adding porcelain countertops or custom cabinets, our Refresh Portland team can help make these dreams a reality! 

Home Cinema

With latest surround sound systems, high-definition screens, and a never-ending supply of content on Netflix, it’s easy to build a genuine escape in your own home, without having to visit the noisy theatre.

Wine Cellar/Bar

Not only is a wine cellar perfect for storing and displaying your collection, but it can be combined with a bar to create the focal point of any gathering.

Luxury Exterior Remodels

Popular exterior choices include paved patios for sophisticated outdoor gatherings, high-end fire pits to indulge in leisure conversations into the next morning, water features to admire, as well as custom-built swimming pools and spas that can be designed to meet both your functional and aesthetic desires. 

Will Refresh take care of any permit applications?

Yes! At Refresh, we know how valuable our time is, which is why your luxury Renovation Consultant will take care of your entire project from start to end, including taking care of any council applications or home builders association concerns. We will be your one point of contact throughout your remodel, which means you won’t have to deal with multiple trades, allowing you the freedom to put your feet up and relax while your project is completed on-time and on-budget. 

What type of luxury remodelling services does Refresh provide in the Portland area?

  • Bespoke designs
  • Interior designers and concepts
  • Sunroom and conservatory installation
  • Outdoor kitchen remodels
  • indoor/outdoor flow building
  • Modern bathroom remodels
  • Master bedroom renovations
  • Outdoor shower remodels
  • Luxury bathroom upgrades
  • Walk-in shower installation
  • Freestanding bath fixing
  • Walk-in closet installation
  • Shoe room building
  • Luxury kitchen upgrades
  • Wine cellar expansion
  • Bar additions
  • Patio paving
  • Crushed granite driveway building
  • Concrete polishing
  • Firepit fitting
  • Custom-built swimming pool and installation
  • Spa installation
  • Interior decorating
  • Custom home building
  • Holiday home renovations
  • Water feature additions
  • Easy climber elevator installation
  • New home remodels
  • Celebrity-inspired renovations
  • ...anything else you can think of!


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