Single Storey Extension Designers in Brighton and Hove

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Brighton and Hove is one of the most attractive areas in the UK to live, with demand for homes on the market high and prices often even higher! Those who already live in Brighton and the surrounding areas appreciate what a special place it is and so understand how difficult it can be to up sticks and move, even if they are only planning on doing so just down the road. Instead, we’re seeing growing demand for single storey extensions: expanding living spaces outward rather than undergoing the stress and hassle of a full move.
Accessibility is key with bungalows, and maintaining your property as a single storey home may future proof it for your own use, and enable it to stand out from the crowd upon resale. 
Refresh Renovation’s Brighton and Hove team know the area well and have completed numerous single storey extension projects there. Get in touch to talk through your design ideas with the specialists and start making your current home your forever home!

What is involved in a single storey extension design and build?

Every extension project involves different project planning, but Refresh Renovations take over the whole project for you from start to finish. The Refresh team help manage your single storey extension right from the initial planning stages through to the final completion of construction and interior design. We’re there throughout!

What elements of a single storey extension will Refresh Brighton take care of? 

Your Brighton Refresh Renovation Consultant will take care of every element of your home extension project. Our services include: 
- Concept designs
- Domestic Build Planning
- Build Project Management
- Submitting Planning Permission 
- Structural Engineer 
- Ground Works
- Extension Build
- Bifold Door installation
- Skylight installation
- Garden Landscaping
- Roofing
- Plumbing and Drainage works
- Bricklaying

What are the benefits of single storey extensions for bungalows?
Bungalows are extremely helpful for accessibility purposes but often don’t present opportunities to accommodate growing families and changing mobility needs. Adding a single storey extension to a bungalow can vastly improve the square footage of the property, increasing the value and desirability of the property when you do eventually come to sell it. With the prevalence of converted Bungalows now being the norm, with homeowners mostly converting loft spaces to increase floorplan area, we are seeing a reduction in the percentage of truly accessible bungalows. Extending the living space of your bungalow with a single storey extension may actually enable you to retain the uniqueness of your single storey property and make it more desirable for resale in the future in comparison to a loft converted bungalow. 

How much will a single storey extension cost?

Exactly how much a single storey extension will cost is dependent on the size, scope and type of extension being built. The Refresh team is able to present a variety of options for your extension based on varying budget levels, so no matter how big or small, don’t be afraid to ask!

Why choose Refresh Renovations extension designers?

Our end-to-end approach in property project management has won Refresh Renovations world-recognised awards and our expertise has seen the completion of thousands of successful extensions and renovations with happy homeowners now enjoying them.

Will I need planning permission?

Planning permission rules vary from home to home and area to area, but Refresh Renovations work closely with the Brighton and Hove LPA (Local Planning Authority) : and should permission be required, we will construct a strategic design likely to achieve it and fill out and file all the paperwork for you.

What areas do Refresh Renovations cover?

Refresh Brighton and Hove offer bungalow and single storey extension services throughout our namesakes as well as Findon, Goring-by-Sea and other surrounding areas.

How long does it take to build a single storey extension?

Project schedules are dependent on project complexity, but if you have a set deadline, just let us know – we’ll do our best to work to it and will keep you updated on progress throughout.

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