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south east london interior designers

Are you looking to update the decor in your home, or improve the flow of the floorplan? Refreshes unique design and build process can help take the hassle out of renovation projects, allowing you to enjoy your interior design experience and whilst achieving the home of your dreams.

What is Interior Design?

Prominent features, colour schemes and both the flow and shape of a room are extremely important in interior design as it aims to physically bring your creativity to life. It is far more than swapping rugs and throws and it is not simply swapping cushion covers or new curtains. Interior design captures the essence of your dreams and allows you the freedom to express yourself through decor. The Refresh design team have the skills and experience to transform a house into a home offering the following services:
- Interior Design
- Home renovations
- Painting & Decorating
- Carpentry
- Listed building restoration
- Architectural renovations
- External home renovations
- Kitchen Design
- Bathroom Design 

What are the interior design trends in South East London? 

Trends are gradually transitioning from traditional and are now leaning towards the more mismatched furnishing and individualist approach to home decor. Beige is no longer everyone’s go-to choice but more sumptuous colours are becoming extremely prominent in the modern home and South East London is no different. Trends are certainly embracing the vibrant alternatives where personal taste knows no boundaries and your imagination can express itself in succulent tones and features of your home.

How much does Interior Design cost?

If you base an estimation starting at £2000 for a 2-bed flat to be fully painted and decorated you won’t go far wrong. The other end of the scale is in the region of £5000 for a 5-bed house with costs likely to rise if a lot of preparation is needed on each wall. The good thing about interior design is that you control how much you spend, so a budget can be basic or extravagant.  A Refresh Consultant can provide an expert overview with accurate costs for your property during your initial consultation.
*Please note that these are rough estimates only. For a high-level indication of what your unique design project will cost, the Refresh Process is designed to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Why choose Refresh?

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can adapt to fit any requirements, whether it is a small renovation or large scale projects whilst maintaining the highest quality and value for money. Our end to end project management system ensures we offer an extremely thorough and extensive service, creating a smooth process for all Refresh customers to enjoy and benefit from.

Can I change the layout of my property? 

For work to be undertaken on listed buildings or historically significant properties, for example, you may need special consent and have to go through a permission application which Refresh will assist you with. In saying this, the majority of projects will be ok for a layout revamp but we would always advise to give as many details to our specialists and check prior to design commencing.

What areas does Refresh WSouth East  London service?

Refresh offers interior design services in many South East London locations, including in Southwark, Erith, Greenwich and the surrounding areas.

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