South London Luxury Home Renovation Designer

A luxury large open plan kitchen area

Luxury homes are certainly an investment, and in South London demand is high but supply can be low. At Refresh Renovations we understand that many luxury homes throughout the south of the capital are period properties and require bespoke renovation – something we can offer with end-to-end project management in place to see your beautiful home dream become your beautiful home reality.

What are the options for luxury home renovations?

Refresh Renovations have experience with a variety of renovations, managing:
- Design and planning
- Sourcing of materials
- Planning permissions applications and appeals
- Bespoke additions
- End-to-end renovation project management.
- Bespoke lighting designs
- Custom carpentry
- Flooring design and installation
- Interior design Consultancy
- Bespoke storage solutions
- High-end kitchen design

What are the current trends in luxury home renovations?

There are trends in home renovations as with anything in design, and amongst current favourites, Refresh have worked on luxury bathroom installations (including touchless faucets; a hygiene concern post-Covid), home gyms, premium bespoke tiling and open plan living. If you can dream it, we can build it – just put your challenge to our teams.

How much does a luxury home renovation cost?

Of course, exact fees for a home renovation depend on exactly what you’re having done, the materials used, the standard of finish desired and the existing building structure. In general terms, a luxury bathroom renovation sits at around £6,000 and a premium kitchen installation at least £15,000.

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

Luxury homes require the utmost in care and attention to ensure a successful renovation and we work with all homeowners on an entirely bespoke basis. Being present and working with homeowners throughout all project stages and processes allows us to take ownership of property projects in a way that means we’re entirely invested – always striving to improve and do the very best for you and your home. No matter how big or small the project, we fret and focus on every fine detail.

Do luxury home renovations need planning permission?

Refresh Renovations work closely and strategically with the LPAs (Local Planning Authorities) across South London – so if your renovation does require council permission, we’re in the best possible position to secure it. What’s more, where paperwork or approval does need to be filed for, our teams will manage the whole process and take care of it all for you.

What areas do Refresh Renovations cover?

Refresh South London offers luxury home renovation services across Croydon, Downe, Orpington, Petts Wood and other surrounding areas.

Can I choose bespoke fixtures and fittings?

Of course! We understand that luxury homes often demand a special level of design with bespoke fixtures and fittings. Our team are able to source these for you to best suit your personal sense of style – no matter how specialist or unusual that may be.

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