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Refresh Renovations, South West London offer exceptional bathroom design services. Whether you are interested in updating your ensuite or creating an additional bathroom within your home, we can provide you with a detailed design that matches your ideas and budget. Not only that, but we also offer end-to-end project management through every stage of the design and build process.

What bathroom styles are popular in South West London?

Bathroom designs in South West London tend to blend together a combination of contemporary, modern, traditional and Victorian styles. As many South West bathrooms are located within small apartment buildings, the design focus is often on creating more space and functionality. Luxury elements are also often sought-after, especially free-standing bathtubs, walk-in showers and materials such as European tiles and stone-top vanities.

Can Refresh design a bathroom extension?

Refresh can advise you on the best way to create a more spacious bathroom and can carry out both the design and installation for this. If you have space, this may mean a ground floor extension. Alternatively, Refresh can advise you on a second-storey addition or a more efficient layout. The bathroom models you select can also make a difference to the functionality of your bathroom - with wetroom designs allowing for a practical and airy feel.

What bathroom design services does Refresh provide?

Refresh South West London create bathroom designs according to your specific ideas and requirements. This means we can almost always accommodate any type of bathroom design and installation requirements. We can provide you with:
- A free, 1-hour design consultation
- Tailored bathroom designs
- Bespoke bathroom designs
- Small bathroom designs
- Luxury bathroom designs
- Bathroom extensions
- Project management
- Demolition & construction
- Bathroom installations and fittings

What type of consents will my bathroom renovation require?

While small changes may not require council approval, work that involves construction or changes in electrical and plumbing design will require planning permission, especially if the work is being carried out within an apartment or townhouse building. Refresh can take care of the application process for planning permission, building regulations approval and heritage listed buildings, wherever necessary.

How much will my bathroom design cost?

A new bathroom layout generally starts at around £10,000. A design around this price range should cover plumbing and electrical work, new bathroom models and fixtures and re-tiling. A complete floor-to-ceiling update will likely be above the £15,000 mark, more if you opt for luxury materials and models.
*These costs are rough estimates only and are subject to change. For a quote accurate to your project, please get in touch with a renovation consultant.

Why is Refresh the best option?

Refresh’s processes and systems make us a stand-out in the home renovation sector. The common homeowner renovation experience includes managing the project, dealing with unreliable tradespeople while struggling to maintain a busy schedule and increasing budget - an overall stressful experience. Refresh provides a project management system that is guided by steps and procedures that ensure schedules and budgets stay on track, making the renovation a far more enjoyable experience for you.  

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