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Contemporary kitchen design

The kitchen is the place where everyone in the home tends to gather, so it’s important to have a design that works for you and your family. Refresh can provide you with a kitchen design that is accurate to your family’s needs, style and budget. Whether you would like better kitchen storage or an open plan layout, our South West London kitchen designers can help.

What kitchen design services does Refresh South West London offer?

At Refresh, each design is created according to your specific requirements. Whether you have a large or small project in mind, we can design it. Our services include:
- A free 1-hour consultation
- Bespoke kitchen designs
- Kitchen extensions
- Kitchen remodels
- Kitchen storage solutions
- Kitchen installation, fittings and finishes

What kitchen styles are popular in South West London?

Contemporary style kitchens with modern appliances and a few traditional touches are hugely popular in South West London. Kitchen islands, stone benchtops and hardwood flooring is all the rage. Many homeowners opt for neutral colours to keep their kitchens feeling spacious and balanced - white, black and brown is a common colour palette.

How much will my kitchen design cost?

The cost to carry out your new kitchen design will vary depending on the materials you choose as well as the size and specifications of your project. The most affordable way to keep costs down is to keep your kitchen layout as it is. Doing this will allow you to update your flooring, cabinets, appliances, lighting and countertops within a range of £10,000 - £17,000, provided you choose affordable materials. If storage is an issue, you may opt to address this through either a kitchen extension (which can cost £20,000 - £40,000+) or by adding a scullery for around £1,100 - £4,200+. For an all-out kitchen design, including a new layout and luxury features, you should set aside at least £30,000.  
*These costs serve as a rough guide only and are subject to change. Please contact a kitchen design consultant for a quote accurate to your project.

Why is Refresh the best option?

Refresh offers a unique project management process that sets us apart from other residential renovation companies. Gone are the days where homeowners need to face the stress of managing their own renovations and the multiple details involved. Refresh offers end-to-end project management, which includes the design, cost estimates, scheduling, management and attention to detail required to carry out a kitchen renovation. With Refresh, you will only have one point of contact throughout your project - your kitchen renovation specialist. Your specialist will oversee every aspect of your project, ensuring it stays in line with your budget and expectations.

Will Refresh take care of any council applications required for my project?

If you would like to change the layout of your kitchen you will most likely require planning permission and potentially building regulations approval, depending on the work involved. If your property is heritage listed, you may also need to apply for permission to make any changes. A Refresh design consultant can assist you in applying for any local permits and permissions.  

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