Tauranga Kitchen Designers

Our Renovation Specialists will help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the space where people cook the dishes they love, get creative, and prepare feasts for friends and family. 
With that said, many homeowners desire their kitchen to look a certain way. Whether minimalist or eccentric with vibrant colours - that’s up to them. But we make it our duty to see their unique vision come to life. 
If you’re considering redesigning your kitchen, get in touch to discuss your kitchen design options today.

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

Too often, home renovations become problematic for homeowners. And with several aspects to consider, from budget to coordinating construction, it’s no wonder people put off renovating.
Refresh Renovations was established as your stress-free solution for home renovations. Instead of managing the details yourself, we offer to handle it all for you, from design to build. 
How does it work? It all begins with our trustworthy Renovation Consultants. Passionate about property and highly observant of details, our Renovation Consultants are there to act as your project manager. 
Starting with an initial consultation, your local Renovation Consultant will discuss your ideas, goals and develop feasible concepts to accomplish your vision. From there, they’ll walk you through the entire process as your single point of contact while managing everything. 
Whether it’s sourcing specific flooring or contracting the best interior designers in Tauranga to draw up your kitchen layout, you can rest assured that our Renovation Consultants will ensure your needs are met.

What are the current kitchen design trends in Tauranga?

Though light colour schemes have trended in previous years, we are now welcoming back darker colour palettes. It’s not to say that every homeowner is wanting their kitchen painted black. But rather, that more people are utilising the benefits of including darker coloured features in their kitchen’s design.
In Tauranga, many homeowners are asking for dark benchtops to be incorporated into their kitchens. The cabinetry, however, needn’t be dark or light. It ultimately comes down to style preference. For example, a black stone benchtop paired with black stained wood cabinets will create a sleek and luxurious feel. While in contrast, the same benchtop paired with white cabinetry will feel modern and fresh.
Regardless of how darker colours are incorporated, they are certainly being used more throughout Tauranga kitchens; but not only in benchtops. Homeowners are using matte black tapware, black splashbacks, and dark wood floors to bring luxury and depth to their kitchens.
Looking for a kitchen designer to offer professional advice? Our Renovation Consultants can help. Get in touch today for assistance with the best kitchen designers in Tauranga.

What kitchen design services do Refresh Renovations provide?

Our Renovation Consultants can help with any kitchen renovation service you might need by offering professional project management, from planning your kitchen design to organising construction.
Backed by years of experience, you can trust in our assistance to deliver premium results - and not only in the physical details of your renovation. We care about every aspect and plan projects strategically to allow for effective budgeting and excellent timeline delivery.

Our kitchen renovation services include:

  • Kitchen design 
  • Kitchen planning
  • Kitchen floor plans
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Kitchen cabinetry
  • Kitchen scullery
  • Luxury kitchen
  • Architectural kitchens 

How much will my kitchen renovation cost?

As you may expect, the cost of kitchen renovations varies depending on your kitchen’s size, the existing layout, your redesign plans, and the materials wanted.
But for a rough estimate, you can expect a basic kitchen renovation to cost between $20,000* to $30,000+*. This example would require sticking to your original kitchen layout and simply replacing the fixtures and fittings.
Need help visualising the best changes for your kitchen? Our Renovation Consultants can introduce you to a kitchen planner who will help you determine your kitchen’s appropriate design.

*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovations Consultant.

Will Refresh take care of any required council consent? 

Yes, our Renovation Consultants will handle any council applications required for kitchen renovation projects.
At the end of the day, we’re here to manage every detail. So you can relax knowing that, with us, all renovation requirements will be organised as needed.

Ready to talk?

If you’ve been searching for the right interior designer to help renovate your kitchen - look no further. Our Renovation Consultants in Tauranga have a diverse network of construction professionals, including talented kitchen designers. 
Getting started is as simple as arranging an initial consultation. Free and with no obligations, it’s a great opportunity to explore your options. So get in touch when you’re ready!