West London Home Office Renovation Builders

The events of 2020 have many of us looking for modern home office renovation ideas. Our team of designers, builders and interior decorators are experts at achieving personalised, innovative spaces. We’ll work with you to create your ideal home office setup - whether it be an office nook within your living room or converting an existing room into your ideal workspace.

How can Refresh help me to create a home office?

Our team of consultants can support you with every detail of your office design, build and installation. Our services include:
- Home office designs
- Home extensions
- Room additions
- Room conversions
- Home office interior design
- Electrical work
- Installations
- Flooring
- Home office storage solutions
- House renovations

How much does a home office renovation cost?

The final cost of your home office renovation will depend on a range of factors including design specifications, whether or not there is any underlying damage, building regulation requirements, your stylistic preferences and whether or not you will be making structural changes to your home. If you have a particular budget in mind, our designers will work with you to create a plan that suits this. Likewise, if you have a luxurious office in mind, our team will do their utmost to ensure you are presented with a stunning space that you will enjoy working in for years to come.

What are the main home office design trends in 2020?

While it might not always be the first thing that comes to mind when dreaming up an office space, comfort and physical health should be your first priorities. A comfortable desk chair that supports good posture while you work is important, and height-adjustable standing desks are an excellent solution for those with back issues or anyone who wants to enjoy a healthy balance between sitting and standing throughout the day. You’ll want to ensure your space is sufficiently insulated and that you protect your vision with good interior lighting. In terms of storage, an increasing number of people are opting for built-in options. Small office home designs are also popular, due to their practicality. This is often achieved by creating a desk nook in the living room or perhaps by converting a loft space into an office. Whatever your preferences, our team can offer a wide range of home office design tips: from home office layouts to selecting office furniture that suits your interior design style.

What is unique about Refresh’s design and build process?

For many homeowners, renovations are an overwhelming and costly experience. Refresh’s design and build process has been arranged to take the stress and pressure away from homeowners. We’ll manage your renovation from start to finish, ensuring each stage flows seamlessly into the next. By being across your project from design through to completion, we are able to ensure effective communication every step of the way regarding design preferences, budget and timeframes.

What does your ideal home office look like?

Get in touch and tell us how we can help you to make it happen.