Crawley Bungalow Conversion Specialist

Crawley is home to a whole host of property types and in particular, lots of roomy residential bungalows built as part of a post-war development push. Many of these homes are now in need of some restoration and renovation – at Refresh Crawley, we specialise in converting bungalows in contemporary and functional comfortable modern houses.

What aspects of bungalow conversion do Refresh undertake?

Whatever you’re looking to be done with your bungalow, get in touch as we’re likely to be able to help. Broadly speaking, but not prescriptively, the Refresh Crawley team work on:
- Bungalow restorations
- Bungalow extensions
- Bathroom renovations
- Kitchen renovations
- Home improvements
- Garage renovations
- Electrical and plumbing
- Painting and decorating

What are the trends in bungalow conversions?

Bungalow conversions often form renovations in line with accessibility options as they are, for the most part, easy-to-navigate properties. However, bungalows aren’t just the domain of the retired. Recent bungalow conversion projects Refresh have taken on include extensions, newly fitted bathroom and kitchens and the conversion of garages into studios, small business spaces and offices. 

How much does a bungalow conversion cost?

To receive an accurate quote for your bungalow conversion, contact the Refresh Crawley office and arrange for a home visit by a specialist. They’ll be able to scope out the job and give an estimation based on actual work.

Why choose Refresh for my bungalow conversion?

Refresh manage every property project end-to-end, taking care of everything from conception to completion. Assigning a project manager to oversee everything, homeowners are able to continue working and going about their daily lives with minimal disruption. 

Will I need planning permission for my Crawley bungalow conversion?

Bungalow additions and extensions can be a tricky business when it comes to formal planning permission, but Refresh Renovations have your back. We manage every application and appeal process wholly so there’s no need for homeowners to stress or to add to their workload. Refresh teams already know what’s likely to be accepted without permission requirements and so are able to tailor our designs to be best received by LPAs (Local Planning Authorities). 

What areas do Refresh Renovations Crawley operate in?

Refresh Crawley take care of bungalow conversions in East Grinstead, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas.

Can Refresh help me with my bungalow conversion?

Yes! No matter how big or small your property plans for a bungalow, we’d love to get involved. We can even help with bungalows situated in conservation areas or AONBs; just ask and we’ll ensure that specialists with the relevant experience are assigned to your project. 

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