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We’ve all walked into an unassuming home and found the interior design and decoration of the place surprising – after all, the decoration of a home can entirely transform a space. Getting the painters and decorators in takes the hassle out of planning and painting yourself but also allows for interior design experts the opportunity to shape and guide your decoration in a way that’s curated and collected. 
Refresh Renovations West London offer painting and decorating either as part of a larger renovation or as a standalone service.

What aspects of Decorating do Refresh undertake?

There’s more to decorating than just whipping your paintbrushes out and finding a statement wallpaper! Refresh Renovations offer an all-encompassing service, inclusive of:
- Interior design
- Interior decorating
- Home wide renovations
- Painting
- Carpentry
- Listed building restoration
- Architectural renovation designs and decorating
- External home renovation designs and decorating
- Kitchen design
- Bathroom design
- Bedroom design

What are the trends in Decorating at the moment?

The days of grey crushed velvet and mirrored furniture are numbered; although this was a trend social media influenced and stretched out for a long time. In its place we’re seeing natural hues and materials taking its place; with woods, marbles and stones being used alongside organic-inspired neutrals, blues and greens. As part of our decorating services we’re also finding increased demand for smart storage solutions as homeowners look to better utilise the space they already have.

How much does Decorating cost?

The fees you can expect to pay for decorating vary based on the size and scope of the job. Generally speaking, the ballpark figure for basic painting and decorating is around £2,000+ for a small flat or £5,000+ for a full house.
*These costs are rough estimates only and are subject to change. For a quote accurate to your project, please get in touch with a renovation consultant

Why choose Refresh for Decorating?

Refresh Renovations have a portfolio of expert staff spanning all trades and crafts, with painters and decorators forming just part of it. This means that we’re able to source exactly the right person for your job and provide the highest quality finish. We also assign a project manager to every job, and with their oversight and management, the stress is taken right out of homeowner’s hands.

Will I need planning permission for Home Decorating?

Unless major changes are being installed as a result of interior decoration, there’s few reasons why planning permission would be required. If your property is located in a conservation area or holds listed status, and you’re unsure of what is achievable, invite a Refresh Consultant for a home visit and we’ll be able to guide and advise (for free and with no obligation to proceed, of course!).

What areas do Refresh West London operate in?

Refresh West London take care of Decorating and Renovating in Harrow, Wembley, Hayes, Hounslow and the surrounding areas.

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