Dave Georgetti - Auckland Renovation Specialist

Profile Photo of Dave Georgetti, New Zealand Home Renovation Consultant

Role: Renovation Specialist
Region: Auckland Central
Manager: Dave Georgetti

Georgetti Improvements Ltd in Auckland is an independent franchisee of Refresh Renovations

Refresh Business Owner Dave Georgetti is married to Sue, and together they have a shared interest in architecture and interior design. They have loved the challenge of making beautiful homes which cater for the demands of modern Auckland life – with a particular focus on indoor/outdoor living and entertaining in Auckland’s changeable climate. Having successfully renovated three of their own homes, Dave now gets to do this for other people every day in his Refresh Renovations business.

As well as the day-to day direction of his Refresh business, Dave has assigned himself the role of renovation consultant, and owns the relationship with the clients from first contact through to build. He really enjoys the projects that require extensions and structural reconfigurations, as there is huge satisfaction with coming up with a great proposal. With no formal design training, he’s very good at coming up with renovation solutions that maximise space, light, function and most importantly the budget. In Dave’s experience, many architectural designers tend to overlook the last of these, so Dave retains a firm lead on the design until it looks like the project is feasible and affordable given the client’s budget. He then hands it to the designer to make it work, make it pretty and make it through Council. If Dave sounds like a wannabe designer, he did seriously consider architecture as a career after school. Instead he obtained a business degree as a safer option, but feels really fortunate to get chance to have such input into design and renovation later in his career.

Dave’s pre-Refresh CV includes various marketing and management roles, and several years as General Manager of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications. Outside of Refresh, Dave and Sue are keen on travel, food and wine, books and movies, skiing and very social tennis. They currently live in a large 1903 villa which they have renovated over about 7 years. With their 2 children no longer at home, their next house will likely be a bit smaller, a bit closer to the Waiheke ferry, and a real doer-upper.

Renovation builders and office staff: Sally Barclay, Tony Songhurst


5/349 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050

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