Bathroom planning checklist

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It might be easy for you to choose the look of your bathroom – but have you thought about its function – what goes where and what type of product to purchase? There are a lot of factors that determine how the space is going to turn out, so HomePrize have put together a list of what you should think about before diving in full throttle into planning your bathroom.

Here’s a wish-list to help kick start your planning. Consider if each item is essential, optional, or not important:

  • How many of you use the bathroom, any special needs?
  • How many will use the room at the same  time? 
  • New vanity – more bench space, drawers, special tops?
  • New basin – double basin, wall hung, what height? 
  • New toilet – wall hung, separate toilet room?
  • Bidet – wall hung? 
  • New bath – spa bath, room for two, any special style?
  • New shower – walk-in, room for two, tiled surface? 
  • Shower head – water saver, massage unit?
  • New taps, mixers, faucets for shower, bath, basin
  • New hot water tank, electric/gas, instant water heater?
  • Towel storage – rails, heated rail, shelves? 
  • Dressing – full length mirrors, robe hooks
  • Make-up – storage, mirror with lighting, bench space
  • Shaving – storage, mirror with lighting, shaver point
  • Hair drying – storage, RCD power point 
  • Laundry area for dirty washing, ironing, cleaning items? 
  • Room for exercise equipment? 
  • Shelves for display
  • Space for other items – bathroom scales, rubbish bin, radio
  • Lockable medicine cabinet
  • Heating – under floor, radiator
  • Ventilation – vents, an automatic fan
  • Showerdome? 
  • Natural light – windows, skylights, glass bricks
  • Windows – view to outside or frosted glass?
  • Other privacy considerations – part-wall or frosted glass? 
  • General and mood lighting, task lighting dimmers
  • Wiring – for RCD power points, new lighting, appliances
  • Wall finish – wet surfaces, paint, paper, tiles 
  • Floors – tiles, wood, cork, vinyl 
  • Window treatments – blinds, shutters 

Make a small space look bigger

  • Choose wall hung fittings – they make it easier to clean the floors too.
  • Use large size floor tiles rather than small ones – they add drama and thick the eye. 
  • Make the room light – pick light colours and fittings, add a window or skylight. 
  • Add a big mirror – putting another one on the opposite wall magnifies the effect. 
  • Visually extend the room by giving it an outlook – a window or screened off garden perhaps?  

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This bathroom planning checklist was provided by Homeprize.

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