Home Extension Ideas in West Auckland

Is it time to grow your living space? Instead of beginning the process of finding a new house, sometimes a more cost-effective solution can be a home extension.

Living room with timber flooring

Is it time to grow your living space? Instead of beginning the process of finding a new house, sometimes a more cost-effective solution can be a home extension. Whether you’re making room for new household members, want to add a home office, or extend your kitchen, our dedicated Renovation Consultants have seen it all and can help you with these types of renovations.

What can a home extension do for you?

Let’s start by looking at the benefits of house extensions. They can:

Increase your property’s value

In Auckland’s crowded, competitive housing market, any increase in functional space or square footage can make your home more desirable and up its market value. Yes, a home extension is an investment, but it does pay off when it comes time to sell. 

Meet your lifestyle needs

While increasing your home’s value, a house extension can also elevate your current lifestyle. Whether it’s expanding your kitchen for a more functional space or adding a home gym for easy access to workouts, an extension gives you the opportunity to match your lifestyle requirements. 

Help you avoid moving costs

Moving can be exciting, but it’s also stressful and pricey. Packing up, relocating, and unpacking again are major hassles that might not be worth it in the long run, especially if you love your current home and neighbourhood. You might instead consider a home extension that allows you to stay put, but also enjoy the process of moving into a new space.

Bed with grey headboard

Are you planning to build a house extension in West Auckland? Checkout our house extension services in the West Auckland areas now!

Different ways to extend

We’ve gathered a few of the most common home extensions in West Auckland for you to get thinking about what might best suit your property. 

Add a new room

Whether it’s a home office, gym, bedroom, or sunroom, adding a new room to your Auckland house is one way to expand. You might keep the house extension design fairly simple, or include bonus customisations like built-in cabinetry or wardrobes.

Expand the current space

This type of extension is common especially in character homes where rooms felt more closed-off. Some house ideas for this type of extension could include creating an open-plan living area by knocking down walls between the living room and kitchen, or adding more square footage to build into your outdoor space for indoor-outdoor flow. You’ll want to make sure that your expansion possesses the same flow and style of your current space.

Our Renovation Consultants know how to extend a room. This Auckland living room extension combined two existing rooms into one for a seamless, stylish finish. 

Build up

If you’re after a more robust renovation or lack the space to expand out, then build vertically with a second-storey addition. A house extension on the second floor allows extra space for additional bedrooms, bathrooms, or an extra living room. Before embarking on this type of home extension, it’s important to note that a vertical extension can be more complicated and pricier than a standard extension, in part because you’ll need to strengthen your home’s foundation to make sure it’s both safe and code compliant.

Read our handy guide to home extensions to learn more.

Kitchen with white and black

Checkout the completed house extension in Auckland areas including West Auckland! 

Choose a renovation company you can trust

No matter which type of extension you’re after, our knowledgeable Renovation Consultants at Refresh can help you make it happen. We follow a bespoke process to plan, budget, design, and build your new home extension.

First, you’ll meet with a Renovation Consultant in your area for a consultation to discuss your ideas and get inspiration and advice. From here, your Renovation Consultant will help you plan your budget, which is a crucial part of ensuring a successful renovation. They will work with you to deeply understand what you need out of the renovation, and match that with your available funds. This way, your Renovation Consultant can help you allocate your budget towards top-priority elements.

After going through a few design iterations, your Renovation Consultant will help you assemble a team of suppliers and contractors to bring your home extension to life. They will also oversee the work and report back to you with regular updates. So throughout the entire renovation, your dedicated consultant remains your single point of contact.

Your Renovation Consultant will do all the research to make sure that your extension complies with Auckland’s local codes and regulations. Then, it’s time to enjoy your brand new space!

Current trends in Auckland home extension design

Check out some of the most popular design ideas for local house extensions:


If you’re looking for small terraced house extension ideas, we’ve got you covered. A porch is a straightforward extension that gives you the freedom of indoor-outdoor flow. Make it yours with some furniture, a BBQ space, or a pergola.


A sunroom is a great way to take in the beauty of the outdoors while enjoying the comfort of your climate-controlled home. Homeowners typically turn this space into another living room.

Garage and basement conversions

If you have an underutilised garage or basement, you have a world of possibility at your fingertips! Convert these spaces into a home office, extra bedroom or granny flat, home gyms, and more.

Your Renovation Consultant can offer tips on the best kinds of home extensions based on your property and needs.

House exterior with decking

Checkout how happy our customers are with their renovations at Refresh Renovations!

How much does a home extension cost?

The price depends on several key factors, starting with the scope of your project. If you’re simply adding a room, this will be much cheaper than adding an entire storey. Another key factor is the layout of your existing home, as this can affect how simple or complex the construction of your extension might be.

FAQ : 

What do I need to consider when planning a house extension in West Auckland?

Before embarking on the house extension process, you’ll want to consider the current layout of your home, your budget, and what you hope to achieve with your new extension. Also think about any possible zoning regulations or local restrictions. 

Do I need a council permit from Auckland City Council?

Your Renovation Consultant is responsible for acquiring any permits so that your renovation complies with local codes.

Is your home in need of an extension?

Get in touch with a local Renovation Consultant in West Auckland to start making your home extension plans today.

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