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The best place to start is to give it a good wash down first with Resene Paint Prep and Housewash. This will give you an immediately cleaner looking paint finish and you can then have a closer look at it to see if it needs moss and mould treatment, repairs and painting wise.

While homes often used to be white or light coloured, we’re seeing more and more strong colour homes and the growing trend of using grey and black. These colours can make a striking impact on the look of your home and make it look very smart from the street. But there can be a downside. Darker colours attract a lot more heat than lighter ones, which means a darker colour will soak in more of the sun’s energy and get hotter than a light colour. This can mean the surface and paint won’t last as long. If you’re planning on a dark colour, then it’s worthwhile considering a Resene CoolColour.

Resene CoolColours are different to normal paint as they are made with special pigment technology that reflects more heat and keeps the surface and your paint or stain cooler. The colour looks like normal but won’t get as hot as a normal colour. Resene CoolColours are ideal for everything from weatherboards and roofs to fences, decks and outdoor furniture and are available in a huge range of Resene colours.

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Resene: The paint the professionals use

Visit the Resene website for more on the latest colour trends.


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