Small Kitchen Renovations

Though your kitchen may be small, you don’t have to sacrifice style or functional flow. An intuitive layout and savvy design elements can make a big difference in your small kitchen.

Small Kitchen Renovations

Planning and designing your small kitchen

With so many small kitchen ideas in New Zealand to consider, it might be a challenge to nail down the right layout and design for your home. At Refresh, our team is here to help you through a curated design-and-build process.

Your small kitchen renovation process begins with a free, no-obligation consultation with a local Renovation Consultant to discuss your goals and kitchen renovation ideas. After nailing down your budget, your Renovation Consultant will walk you through working drawings of different kitchen layout options to find the one that best suits your space.

Once you are happy with your small kitchen’s layout and design features and the related costs, it’s transformation time. Your Renovation Consultant has a network of local suppliers and contractors who can bring your new kitchen to life. Your Renovation Consultant will be your primary point of contact for the duration of the project and will schedule and oversee the team of tradespeople working in your home.

Your local Refresh Renovation Consultant will also acquire any necessary permits to ensure that your small kitchen renovation is code compliant. And, once your renovation is complete, they will source any final documentation required. Then, it’s time to toast your brand new kitchen!

navy kitchen with matching cabinetry

How much does a small kitchen renovation cost?

Let’s explore the cost breakdown for kitchen renovations in New Zealand:

Basic Kitchen Renovation

Are you after tiny kitchen ideas on a budget? Refresh your kitchen’s colour palette, accessories, and appliances for $10,000 - $30,000*

Mid-range Kitchen Renovation

When you introduce changes to your small kitchen’s layout, with updated cabinetry and new benchtops, your price range is likely to be between $30,000 - $50,000*

High-end Kitchen Renovation

Overhaul your kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances, custom-made materials, and smart technology. You may even choose to reposition electrical sockets and power points in your kitchen. This kind of premium renovation costs $50,000 - $100,000+*

*Costs are shown as an indicative guide of what previous projects have cost. The price of renovating a home is increasing each year as material and labour costs rise. For an estimate / quote on your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovations® specialist to find out more about our planning, design and build process.

modern small kitchen renovation
Making a Statement: Kitchen Transformation in the Heart of Auckland Central

Small Kitchen Layouts

There are a number of efficient layout options for a small kitchen size.

Three popular layout options in New Zealand include:

Galley Kitchens

A simple and effective design that can promote exceptional flow between workspaces. This style is defined by two parallel sides with a narrow corridor in the middle. L-shape KitchensWhen it comes to small open kitchen design ideas, this style is a popular choice. Commonly seen in apartment kitchens, this shape creates freedom of movement and a spacious feel.

U-shape Kitchens

A U-shape style can maximise your storage and bench space. You might use one of the benches as a seating area with barstools. Lighting for Small KitchensLight plays a major role in accenting your kitchen and creating an ambience that feels both inviting and airy, despite the limited space.

Natural light can make a big difference in your kitchen. You might consider making your windows longer or even adding a skylight to bathe your kitchen in daylight.

Finally, LED lighting under cabinets, around toe kicks, and under open shelving is a modern kitchen design in New Zealand that can light up darker nooks. Add more depth in your kitchen by adding a feature pendant light to draw the eye.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Looking for small kitchen inspiration? Take a look at these modern small kitchen designs in New Zealand:

Small Kitchen Renovation in Ellerslie, Auckland

  • New appliances
  • White cabinetry
  • Neutral tiled splashback

Small Kitchen Renovation in Auckland Central

  • White farmhouse-inspired cabinetry
  • New stainless steel appliances
  • Functional U-shape layout

Small Kitchen Renovation in Laingholm, Auckland

  • Galley style
  • White flat-panel cabinetry
  • White tiled splashback

Small Kitchen Renovation in Manawatu

  • Crisp, white architraves
  • Modern pendant lighting
  • New benchtops

Small Kitchen Renovation in Remuera

  • Savvy storage solutions for clutter-free countertops
  • White marble-look benchtop
  • A new built-in, under-bench model oven
U-shaped kitchen

Picking the right colours

Your colour palette can affect the way your light reflects in your kitchen. Darker colours absorb light, which can make a space feel small and closed in. A light, neutral colour scheme reflects both natural and electric light.

Your Renovation Consultant can help you to pick the colours that best suit your space, in the form of paint, flooring, appliances, cabinetry, and benchtop materials.

Kitchen cupboard ideas for ultimate storage

Discover different kitchen cupboard ideas for your small kitchen to make the most of your space and adhere to a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Tall and slim cabinets can provide plenty of storage for your pantry items and small kitchen appliances. Add pull-out racks to your cupboards to maximise space, as well as rotating shelves.

Likewise, floating shelves and wall-mounted racks for pots and pans allow for more storage space and the opportunity to show off your collection of kitchenware. Another key kitchen cabinet design for small kitchens is the use of sliding or pocket doors for your pantry and cupboards.

A Total Transformation of a Unit in Ellerslie, Auckland

Ready to transform your small kitchen?

Get in touch today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to talk with a local Renovation Consultant about the possibilities for your kitchen. We’ve worked on many small kitchens in New Zealand and we look forward to hearing about your project!

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