It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that domestic build projects are easy to organise. Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to project manage their home renovations themselves. Balancing work life, home life, and planning and managing a home renovation leaves homeowners stressed and open to the possibility of major mistakes in their domestic build project. A badly managed project can cause issues including:

  • Budget blowout
  • Project timeline overrun
  • Scheduling issues
  • Low-quality finish
  • Unregulated build conditions
  • Building regulations not being met

At Refresh Renovations, we use our bespoke processes and systems to fully manage projects to ensure our builds stick within budget and adhere to the set timelines. Our Renovation Specialists work with our teams of project managers to ensure that your build runs smoothly.

A part completed refurbished living room

What does a Project Manager do?

Your Refresh Renovation Specialist works closely with teams of experts, from talented architectural designers, quality product suppliers and tried and trusted contractors, but without a doubt, the glue holding it all together is the Project Manager. Exceptional project management is key to a smoothly running project, and the Project Manager keeps it all on schedule, identifying and rectifying any issues with suppliers, contractors and other elements which go into the build stage before they cause problems. 

What is the Project Manager Responsible for?

From conception to completion, your Refresh Renovation Consultant is responsible for your build project. Your Renovation Specialist works closely with the Project Manager and designers to produce the deliverables during the initial concept stages of the project, this includes:

  • Concept plans
  • A scope of works based on the concept
  • Project & product initial specifications
  • An initial project plan
  • A detailed Quantity Surveyors report 
  • Budget guidance based on the plans

During the Working Drawings stage, your Renovation Specialist and Project Manager will work with specialists to finalise all of the above elements, along with, organising and overseeing structural surveys, applying for any relevant planning permissions, or any additional permissions which may be required, building regulations and anything else which may be required for your individual project. The working drawings stage is the final framework for your build, and your Project Manager and renovations consultant, at this stage, know your project inside out ready to prepare for the actual build. 

During the build stage the Project Manager is the protector of your project. With an in-depth build knowledge and implemented framework, your Renovation Specialist alongside the Project Manager ensures that the site is visited and managed regularly throughout the build. The project management team and Renovation Specialist ensure that contractors are on site when they are meant to be, that the scope and program of works are followed accurately and efficiently, and that all work is carried out to our exacting standards. 

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How do I know what is being done on my home renovation project? 

By updating our online tool, your renovation consultant works closely with the Project Manager to fully track your project, from site reports, schedules to progress photos, and the projects overall progress can be viewed from our online service. If you are remaining on site during the works then you will no doubt have many face to face chats with your Renovation Specialist and Project Manager who will regularly visit the site to check on the progress and assess quality control and keep up to date with the project progress. 

A open plan living area recently refurbished

Are the Project Managers Trained?

The project management team are experienced Project Managers, with combined experience in both commercial construction project management, retail install project management and domestic renovation project management. All project managers working within our team at Refresh Renovations are thoroughly trained with the bespoke processes and systems used to track and manage your individual project. Your project manager, alongside your Renovations Consultant will know your project inside out, and will go above and beyond to ensure your project is completed to the highest possible standard. 

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