How to Estimate the Cost of a Home Renovation Project in Waikato

Brimming with ideas for your home renovation but lacking the cash to bring them to life? Here at Refresh Renovations Waikato, we’ve got the experts to hand to help.

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Brimming with ideas for your home renovation but lacking the cash to bring them to life? Here at Refresh Renovations Waikato, we’ve got the experts to hand to help. Homeowners often ask us: “how much does it cost to renovate a bedroom?” or “is renovating a house on a budget even possible?” 

When we show our clients some photos of a home renovation before and after, it quickly becomes clear it is possible to renovate a home on a budget, but careful planning, professional project management, and sticking to your renovation goals are essential.

So, whether you’re trying to determine the cost of a kitchen renovation or a bathroom makeover, a living room upgrade or a garage conversion, find out how much it will cost by booking a free consultation with our team of Renovation Consultants in the Waikato.

How much does it cost to renovate a home in Waikato?

Home renovation costs vary significantly, depending on what part of the home you’re renovating, how big a renovation you’re embarking on, how complex your renovation is going to be (eg. is it structural or aesthetic), and what materials you’re choosing. This fresh look for a 1970s home in Riverlea, Hamilton cost $55,000 and included an interior overhaul with new flooring and eye-catching subway tiles grouted with non-traditional black grout in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, across the river, the rejuvenation of this 1930’s Maeroa home cost $416,000 and included walk-in wardrobes, a scullery, powder room and more, all of which was design-led to bring through a real wow factor in the home.

Bathroom with black accents

What Are Some Common Budget Blowout Reasons?

These two examples of successful renovation projects show that transformation is possible whatever your budget may be, but there’s still a risk that budgets can blow out if you don’t properly manage your renovation.

Some of the most common reasons for renovation projects going over budget include:

  • Unforeseen structural issues
  • Changes to the plan
  • Inaccurate budgeting
  • Lack of project coordination
  • Permits and fees
  • Change of materials during construction

That’s why it’s so important to plan your home renovation from the beginning.

How do you calculate home extension costs?

So you want to renovate but the time has come to determine your complete home renovation cost. Here are some factors to consider: 

Size of the renovation

First up, what’s the size of your renovation? Is it a single room of a full house extension? 

Quality and cost of specialised work

How specialised are the renovation services you’re going to need? Is your renovation architecturally designed with engineering requirements or relatively straightforward and you only need the basic plumbing or construction skills of a local tradie?


Where are you located and is your renovation site easily accessible? If you have a long driveway that’s hard to navigate or you’re in a remote setting that will require extensive transportation of materials, costs will be incurred.

Challenges of the house renovation

How complex are the plans you have for remodelling your home? The more intricate the renovation, the greater the cost is likely to be. If you’re renovating or restoring an older home, they also come with challenges, such as uneven foundations, potential for asbestos, and old plumbing. These are the types of things you’ll need to factor into your budget as often they’re not discovered until the project is underway.

Choice of materials and completing surfaces

Are you choosing top of the range materials for your light fittings, faucets, bench tops, or splash backs or are you opting for materials within the medium cost range. This is a very common area for budget blowouts so once you’ve made your decision and budgeted for it, stick to it!

Kitchen with back colour palette and green accents

How much do bathroom and kitchen renovations cost in Waikato?

Different areas of the home come with different factors to consider when you’re putting together a budget for your renovation.

If you’re embarking on a kitchen renovation, consider size and layout, materials and finishes, appliances, permits and fees. Interior upgrades and a kitchen renovation in this 1980’s Huntly home resulted in modernised interior and an open-plan layout to make the most of the lakeside views, all for a cost of $110,000.

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, these factors will contribute to the overall cost: size and layout, materials and finishes, plumbing and electrical work, fixtures and fittings, permits and fees.

This stunning transformation of both a kitchen and bathroom in Flagstaff came with designer finishes including vertical wood panelling underneath the breakfast bar in the kitchen and a luxurious free-standing tub, vessel top vanity, and half tile wall in the bathroom, all for a cost of $199,000.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation in Flagstaff, Hamilton

Importance of hiring a house renovation specialist in Waikato

Find out more about how Refresh Renovations can help you estimate the cost of your home renovation. Schedule your free consultation today to transform your entire home with a professional renovation specialist in Waikato!

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