Standard measurements to consider when planning your next kitchen renovation

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In order to properly utilise the space available, measurements of kitchen appliances and units are very important.

The measurements below allow for three different types of kitchen renovation styles: U-shaped, Gallery Kitchen and Island Kitchen.

Ovens: 595mm (h) x 595mm (w)

Microwave: Standard Opening 600 x 400 or trim kit version 600mm x 475

Fridges: 1750mm (h) x 720mm (w)

Sink Unit: Between 600-800mm

Benchtop: 30-40mm (w) x 900mm (h)

Dishwasher Space: 860mm (h) x 600/605mm (w)

Concept plan of a kitchen with standard appliance and unit measurements
Please note: These measurements are a guide only. It is best to contact a professional for exact dimensions for your home.

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