2022 Pantone Colour Of The Year: How To Use It In Your Home

What is Pantone colour of the year, and how can we use this to brighten up our living spaces?

Pantone colour of the year

The colour experts at Pantone release their ‘Colour Of The Year’ annually, each based on the tonal influence they expect to dominate the world in each given year; across technology, entertainment, fashion, travel, materials, social media, current affairs and even socio-economic conditions. Paint brands, design magazines and fashion houses also tend to select a specific palette periodically (primarily for promotional purposes but also brand shaping and theming) but none are perhaps as popular or well-lauded as Pantone.
Needless to say, the last few years have certainly thrown up some unexpected events for us all. And where most brands seem to have picked a shade of green as their designated tone of the year for 2022, Pantone have chosen Very Peri – a periwinkle blue.

What other colours have been Pantone Colour Of The Year?

Pantone have released their Colour Of The Year annually since the year 2000. For the last five years, the top ranking shades have been Greenery (2017), Ultra Violet (2018), Living Coral (2019), Classic Blue (2020) and Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow (a joint win, 2021). While this doesn’t necessarily reflect the exact ways that interior design and fashion trends have panned out, it’s definitely fair to say that these selections have impacted on what’s been in vogue throughout the years; and many have been extremely popular with interior designers as a good foundation to work from.

Accent walls can make a statement in your home renovation

How is Very Peri different from other colours?

Very Peri is a blue but with a rich-violet red undertone. Pantone themselves describe it as possessing “a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression”. Considered to blend the faithfulness and constancy of classic blue (which indeed, as above, was Colour of the Year in 2020!) with the energy and excitement of red, it’s the perfect choice for those looking to reflect the undertones of the events of 2020 with hope and vibrancy toward the future. Blue is considered to be trusted, calm, orderly and secure: a fairly traditional colour family. This stability combined with an uplifting tone provides a fantastic shade differentiating from what many find a more ‘regular’ blue.

How can I use Very Peri in the home?

Pantone’s Colour of the Year has already been embraced by architects and interior designers, and the company themselves have some ideas for how to use Very Peri in the home. Consider the following when adopting the shade into your design concepts…

In the Kitchen

While darker blues have found popularity in cupboards and fittings over the last few years, zestier shades are still somewhat uncommon in the kitchen. Very Peri is considered to evoke modernity and inject a playful and creative spirit to a room – so it sounds perfect for somewhere you’ll be cooking, baking and socialising! You may struggle to find many kitchen appliances or fittings in a periwinkle blue as it’s simply not that common (yet) so try it as an accent colour in an otherwise neutral (likely white or cream) kitchen. Very Peri’s use on low perimeter cabinets or a kitchen island infuses this fun tone nicely and will help keep things feeling light, airy and cheerful. Warm up the shade by complementing its red undertones with wood finishes or warm metallic accents.

There are many tonal options of this hue to choose from

In the Bedroom

Blues and purples are thought of in colour psychology to be serene shades; perfect for a room where you should be getting in some well-earned rest! The red undertone injects some excitement (wink wink) and there’s no reason why this balance couldn’t be the primary shade across the whole room. Very Peri works brilliantly on bedroom walls with an otherwise minimalist design theme and can be combined with a whole host of accent colours to warm it up or cool it down, dependent on taste.

In the Bathroom

While bathrooms often feature a light blue or green in some way (often because they’re considered relevant as water and ‘nature’ shades), Very Peri makes for a warming change. The blue and violet hues create a really relaxing sanctuary aesthetic and can help even the most stressful day dissipate as you start to run the bath. If you can’t find periwinkle tiles or don’t want to adorn the whole room in it, try painting the top quarter or third of the room in it to draw the eyes upward and help give a feeling of more height.

Throughout the home in soft furnishings

Very Peri will fast become the shade of soft furnishings through 2022, so if you like it, now’s the time to snap it up! High street stores have already moved to adopt this colour into their blankets, cushions, duvet covers and table-cloths so will be easily purchased throughout. Periwinkle isn’t for everyone and can overwhelm, so try adding in soft colour pops of it throughout the home if painting everything blue is a step too far.

Very Peri is a calming and sumptuous colour

Outside of the home

OK, so not many Brits have the opportunity to paint or clad the entirety of their home in their chosen shade, but this doesn’t mean you can’t embrace Very Peri outside! Periwinkles are flowers and so these planted alongside more traditional violets give a beautiful colour injection outside of the home. If you have wooden shutters, consider spray-painting them to match – it’ll really draw out the blue from the green around it and goes beautifully with class brickwork.
You don’t need to be a ‘colour expert’, artist or interior designer to take onboard Pantone’s recommendation to your home and to work with it. There’s lots that can be done and this vibrant shade provides us with something a bit different to the standard palettes you’ll find in most interior ranges. Take it how you like it and get creative; allow the hope and spirit of this fantastic shade to uplift your whole year.

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