Bathroom styles

Whatever the weather, the bathroom provides a retreat after a long day. Bathroom styles are not only changing, they are also bridging the gap from modern and classic, but especially the old and new.

A monochrome bathroom style


Black and white are like yin and yang, two opposite forces that when contrasted against each other create drama and intrigue. Monochrome is a style that although is very current, it’s also a look that is timeless. This means it is a great choice for a bathroom. It works with a variety of decor styles and is simple to update with new accessories.
If you love the classic look of white Carrara marble, try using it in a porcelain tile as it doesn’t absorb and is maintenance free. It will give you the luxury and glamorous feel of real marble without the price tag. Contrast the gloss white of the porcelain with an accent matte black or brass tapware to make a bold contemporary statement.
Be sure to incorporate some texture for warmth, throw in a few homewares and small furniture pieces - perhaps a wooden stool or chair, coat rack, and pendant lights. Then complete the look by adding a little bit of pattern for visual interest - a geometric print towel or rug style bath mat will create an eye catching focal point in an otherwise minimal space.
An industrial style bathroom with vintage tiles


You don’t need to live in a converted old factory or warehouse to steal touches of industrial style, and the bathroom is the perfect place to experiment with this on trend look. You can choose to go all in with the industrial style, or pick your favourite design elements and blend it with another look.
Rough and raw materials such as concrete, exposed brick and grainy wood can be combined with vintage metallic elements like brass faucets and pipes, light fittings, mirror frames and other bathroom accessories to give a more vintage chic look. Or go the other way and contrast vintage fixtures and fittings with a more minimalist backdrop - subway tiles, smooth concrete walls, glass and sleek metal surfaces for a pure and simple space.
Concrete is a popular choice for the industrial style but it can leave a space feeling cold and harsh, so introduce contrasting textures like natural fibres, recycled timber and plush cotton towels.
A bathroom with grey tiles and free standing bathtub


Scandinavian decor is simple, peaceful and relaxing. An ideal style for a bathroom as you can create a refuge of serenity and luxury in your own home. Traditionally the Scandinavian colour scheme is white on white, with natural materials and unique layered textures like wood, stone or tiles to bring warmth and interest and then dark or metallic tapware or pendant lights for visual contrast.
A general rule of thumb when decorating in Scandinavian style is to start with simple, minimal foundation and add a single considered statement that won’t overpower the room. That statement could be matte black or brass tapware, patterned subway, hexagonal tiling, or feature lighting. Add greenery! A plant can add subtle colour and vibrancy to an otherwise fairly neutral space.
Tactile light coloured timber surfaces are a great way to introduce earthy warmth to balance the space out. Recycled, solid or veneer timber can be incorporated in various different ways from the vanity cabinet to open shelving to hardwood floors and even a feature wall. A touch of stone will perfectly round off the calm, and serene home spa feel.
A bathroom with freestanding bathtub and planting decoration


The eclectic style is one that is often a hit or miss with homeowners. This style can be described as an equaliser for a lot of different styles merged into one. It shuffles the rule book, mixing and combining the old with the new, the luxurious and the humble.
As a trending style this season, the eclectic style invites you to fill up the bathroom with all kinds of different objects which you love without having to worry about whether the style matches with everything else around them. In the bathroom, it is important to not make it tricky – the liberty and leeway that eclectic bathrooms provide is appealing, as long as you do not trip over the thin line between contrast and chaos.
Filling the bathroom walls with prints, plants, vases, frames and mix-matched objects ensures that when it is done well, eclectic décor broadcasts your confidence in your own style yet still adheres to the fundamentals of supreme bathroom design. The key with an eclectic bathroom is you don’t have to choose between profiles or periods as there is room for a range of favourites.

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