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One important thing to remember when it comes to interior design is that you don’t have to be limited just because a room is on the small side. A great example of this is your cloakroom. This may be a compact room, but it can still look stylish and be a true reflection of your own personal sense of style. 
Want to transform your cloakroom into more than a functional space? Stuck for ideas on what to do to change things up? If you want to find inspiration then take a look through our top tips on how to transform your cloakroom into the most stylish space in your home. 

Use the floor to make a statement

One great way to make a real statement in your cloakroom is to utilise the floor space as a creative zone. Creating a statement floor can not only make a focal point, but it also isn’t going to feel overwhelming in the smaller space.
You may think that you are limited on choices if you decide to use flooring to add style, but the truth is that you have just as many choices as you otherwise would. 

Go brave with pattern and prints

Are you worried about being too bold with your colour or print choices in the rest of your home? Want to be braver? If this is true for you then your cloakroom could be the ideal place to feel that little bit braver. It might be small, but it is a room that you can really make your own.
If you love the idea of adding a variety of patterns or prints, or you have a particular print that you really want to use in your home; then try it out in the cloakroom. Not only might you find that it works for you in this smaller space, but you may also find that you feel a little braver to try out patterns and prints in other spots of your home. 

Think carefully about storage 

When you have a smaller room and less space to play with, you are going to need to be careful about how you organise and store things; particularly in a cloakroom, which will have lots of things to organise and lots of wasted space too. 
It is important that you take the time to think about how best to use the storage space that you do have. If you have exposed pipework, then use this to create somewhat of a cubby hole, which can then be used to store smaller items out of the way. This will make the room nice and neat and will allow you to hide away things that otherwise can make the space look cluttered. 

Bring neutral to life with textured touches 

Neutral isn’t always known to be that interesting an interior design style; after all, it uses muted colours to create the style. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to transform neutral into something interesting. 
One way that you can bring this style to life is with textured touches. Think lots of wood panelling, textured walls, open brickwork, and traditional features. All of these look amazing in cloakrooms and really help even the tiniest of spaces to come to life.
Feeling cornered? Use even those awkward spots!
It is always frustrating to find that a room you want to use has those awkward spots that you are not quite sure how to use. The good news, when it comes to your cloakroom, is that there may be ways that you can use every inch of space that you have, you just haven’t realised it yet. 
Add your toilet to the spot with a sloped ceiling; this will use the space in the right way, maybe even build or buy corner shaped cabinets. This too will really help you to best think about how to make the most of the space that you have. 

Partition, but make it flow

Some cloakrooms are one room with just a toilet in it, however, others  may have additional touches in the space. Want to keep things separate? Such as a storage spot away from your toilet? Maybe you are going to have a shower installed that you want to keep separate from the rest of the room? 
Of course, you can use doors and walls to partition each individual area off, but, this may make the room feel shut off and too separate. It is a much better idea to ensure that your cloakroom flows well. You can do this by using the same colours, or the same flooring. Both of which can bring together the space and make it feel co-ordinated.

Bring colour in

There are a lot of ways to add colour to a small space, but one popular way is to have an accent wall. This adds colour, separate the space and doesnt ecroach too much on an already small space. 
It goes without saying that you are going to want to make sure that your cloakroom is as private as possible. Which means that you will need blinds to keep you safe. Blinds in bathrooms are often seen as a functional touch only; but with changes to style and more and more designs being made available for blinds things have changed. 
You can now buy blinds that are just as bold, colourful and eye-catching as wallpaper and wall art. This means that you can add colour to your space and you can also create a feature point that instantly draws the eye.
No matter how big your cloakroom is, the important thing to remember is that it can be a hugely useful, functional and above everything else, stylish space. 
You just need to make sure that you think about what style you look, what key features you want to include and of course, what you need for you and your family too. 
When you consider all of these things carefully and take your time, you will create a space that you can fall in love with. That will feel like it is a big part of your home, even though it is the smallest room in the entire house. 

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