FAQs for a Full Home Renovation in Christchurch

Renovation questions? We’ve got answers. Learn more about renovating your home in Christchurch from the experienced renovation experts at Refresh!

Kitchen with hanging pendant lights

What should I renovate first? 

This is something only you can answer! To help come to the conclusion for yourself, consider your daily life and what would improve it the most. For a family that’s about to outgrow their beloved home, an extension can ensure they’ve got space to enjoy for years to come. Ageing parents who may need somewhere to live in their golden years would benefit from a garage conversion to granny flat. And, of course, a leaking bathroom with water damage would be high on one’s list of priorities. 

How much will my remodel cost in Christchurch?

Renovations, especially extensive ones that include two or more rooms, vary dramatically in cost. Without a proper consultation, it’s impossible to provide an estimate. But we don’t want to leave you high and dry! So here are a few examples of full home renovations in Christchurch with costs included:

For $112,000, these Burwood homeowners got a new kitchen and updated flooring through their two-storey home. Read more about the results here. (DEC 2022)

With a baby on the way, this growing Hoon Hay family needed to spruce up their 1970s home before the new arrival. A kitchen, bathroom, and laundry update cost them just under $123,000. See the full story here. (MAY 2022)

A kitchen with aqua tiled kitchen

Do I need to move out of my property when renovating? 

It’s certainly an option. We have lots of families that would prefer to move off-site for the duration of their project, especially if it includes essential facilities like the kitchen or bathroom. If that’s the case, our Renovation Consultants in Christchurch are there to oversee the project management of everything on your behalf, regardless if you’re close by or staying with friends or family elsewhere. They can give you updates via video, and you’ll always have access to our intuitive customer portal where you can track the progress of your project. 

How long do full home renovations take?

It’s no secret that global supply chains have been challenging over the past few years, and renovation timelines have certainly been impacted. The trade industry has also been spread thin, limiting availability of local contractors at times. But we do our best to accurately estimate how long a renovation will take and discuss this openly with homeowners. Transparent communication is essential to a successful result, so deadlines are always discussed early and monitored throughout. 

Why should I choose Refresh Renovations?

Our 5-step renovation process was designed to create a stress-free experience for homeowners. When you’re working with a Refresh Renovation Consultant, they’re your single point of contact, but you also gain access to their extended network of experienced industry experts, from builders and tradespeople to architects and engineers. So, when it comes to full home renovations, you don’t need to spend time interviewing endless teams to find the best builders in Christchurch for each individual task – you can get it all done with Refresh. 

Neutral kitchen with hanging pendant lights
Making a house a home with a flooring update and new kitchen in Burwood, Christchurch

Who takes care of all the permits? 

When renovating your Christchurch home with Refresh, permitting and consent is built into the process and is arranged by your Renovation Consultant. 

How do I plan for a house renovation?

Carefully planning your renovation is the key to success. The Refresh process begins with an in-depth consultation. Before your meeting, a little prep work goes a long way. Take some time to explore designs you like (and dislike!), define what you want to accomplish with your renovation, and set a budget. Nothing has to be set in stone at this point, but going into your consultation with some rough guidelines will be helpful.  

Bathroom Renovation in Wainoni, Christchurch: A Transformative Renovation with Modern Finishes

Can I make changes to my renovation mid-project?

You’re always in control of your project. However, we do recommend making changes to your plans as early as possible during the design consultation phase to avoid incurring additional costs. Creating concept designs with your Renovation Consultant is an iterative process, so you’ll have the opportunity to rework the plans until you’re happy. Our 3D renderings make it easy to explore different options and see the finished results before committing to a design. That being said, if you want to alter the design or something unexpected comes up, our team will do our best to accommodate changes as they come.  

Still have questions? Let us help!

There are plenty of things to consider when renovating a house, so we imagine you have a few more questions. For answers to those, get in touch with a local Christchurch Renovation Consultant and arrange a free consultation. You can ask as many questions as you want and get advice about planning your full home renovation!

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