Garden Rooms - The Low Down

How to create a new living space that brings the outdoors, in.

A large garden living space added on to a home and terrace area.

No matter what it is that you need more space for; a playroom, a gym, a home office, a small business base or just a place to sit and chill; a garden room can be the perfect fit. Many homeowners chose to install a new structure in their garden through 2020 to expand their living horizons while unable to go elsewhere as much as they would usually. But what could a garden room be used for that isn’t just a storage facility for equipment you forget about and leave for years before you recall it? If you’re seeking inspiration, Refresh Renovations can help!
A crafting room

Create a Crafty Cabin

A simple exterior to a garden room needn’t reveal the contents within. An additional room can make for a great studio space where artwork can be easily nailed to the wall, a large table space spread out and plenty of drawers and nooks and crannies filled with supplies. A craft cabin gives a little slice of quiet where you’re able to give your full concentration toward the pastime at hand.

Get Snuggly… in a Snug!

A space specifically designed for peace, quiet, and, well.. snuggling, an outdoor snug provides a hygge relaxation room that benefits from being removed from the main home. Think plush armchairs, chunky knit blankets, a log burner and a good coffee machine.

Launch Your Back Garden Business

Lockdown saw an increase in small businesses moving into garden rooms; and with no business rents to pay and no set hours or keyholder restrictions to adhere to, this trend is only set to increase. With a decent sized garden room and an entrance that doesn’t involve walking through the main house, many businesses are able to work from an outdoor space – including counselling businesses, nail and beauty salons, consultancy firms and even gyms and yoga studios!

Temp With a Tent!

If you’re having an event or party, why not hire or buy a tent for the occasion and make a garden room that’s temporary? Increasingly popular at weddings and parties, an indoor space is a good insurance policy against inclement weather but also offers an area for relaxation and quiet away from the ‘buzz’ of other guests and a private place for discussion.

Shape Storage Space With a Double Garden Room

‘Double’ summer houses include front-facing rooms and a separate storage shed to provide two areas in one unit. If you have the room, this negates the need for two garden rooms and instead keeps everything neatly in one place; with the storage aspect of the shed shut away discreetly behind a door so you don’t have to look at it all, of course. 
A small living unit with bed and living area

Prep with a Shep’ Hut

Shepherd’s Huts are portable, and so if you’re intending on moving house or moving your garden room around, they make a great solution. If your Shepherd’s Hut is a functional living space you may also be able to make an income through Airbnb or other rental websites when you’re not using it – they’re certainly a popular budget accommodation option for those looking to staycation in the UK at the moment.

Go Al Fresco and Take The Kitchen Outdoors

Many households have a BBQ outside but it’s only really when Love Island airs that we all see an outdoor kitchen. Perhaps often avoided because of the unpredictability (or sadly, not) of British weather, there are lots of all-weather options now available on the mainstream market, including Tuscan grills, pizza ovens and outdoor bars.
An attractive garden room

Give Guests Their Own Room, Outdoors

Building extra bedrooms in your house is no mean feat, but investing in a garden room as a guesthouse works brilliantly. A small bedroom and living space can be created with a sofa-bed and comfy furnishings. Don’t forget to add in an electricity supply so they can charge phones and access laptops etc. 

Wage a Work Life Balance with a Garden Office

Working from home is second nature to many of us now but in bringing your profession into a living space, waging a healthy work life balance can be difficult. Although not presenting much of a commute (unless you have a huge garden!), moving your home office in to a garden room can help physically and mentally remove the weight of work from your home life. It also provides a private space for work calls and discussions and can function as a meeting room as and when required, too!

Glam Up in the Garden

One of the best parts of any night out can be getting ready beforehand. A garden room dressing room dedicated to getting ready and glam can make for a real party space; and gives somewhere special to build excitement for an event. What’s more, beauty professionals can be invited in as and when required and even pamper type parties held. Once settled in, you may decide that you don’t need to go out at all!

Follow the Sun and Tan Together

On the rare occasions that the Great British summer does erupt into sunshine, it’s only natural that you’d want to take full advantage! Rotating garden pods are now available in the UK and allow for a whole room to circulate as desired, so you can relax and follow the sun around the garden throughout the day without having to move. Grab a good book, some sun cream and lay back – your tan will be tip top in no time at all.
Garden rooms can be installed ‘DIY’ or when considering a more ambitious design, our Refresh specialists might just be the ones to help you. We can plan and utilise otherwise unused areas of a garden and often make the garden seem bigger rather than smaller as a result of the optimised usage. 
If you’re considering a garden room, the only advice we would give is: go for it! Go green, get in the garden and expand your horizons without leaving your home. The possibilities are endless.

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