Making the most of your Holiday Home Renovation in Manawatu

Holiday homes are meant to be places of relaxation, but poorly managed renovations can quickly turn them into sources of stress. Here’s how to make the most of your holiday home renovation.

Birds eye view of a holiday home

Managing your renovation from afar

The problem with trying to manage your renovations remotely is that it’s extremely hard to gauge the quality of work being done on site without seeing it in person. Plus, there are the added challenges of coordinating supply deliveries and hiring the right contractors.

At Refresh Manawatu, our Renovation Consultants work locally to their specific regions; they’re always available for on-site management. They’ll be the eyes and ears overseeing your renovation, so you can trust it’s being executed to a high standard while you go about your day without disruption. 

Part of our 5-step approach includes an interactive design process which utilises 3D renderings to help illustrate your home’s potential designs. Tools like this help homeowners make well-informed decisions for their holiday home renovation without having to be there physically. 

Check out the renovation excellence! See what our happy clients say about us!

Living room renovation with wood materials and outdoor house extensions

Maximising your holiday home design in Manawatu

Low maintenance

Smart material selection is key to keeping your holiday home low maintenance. For example, being able to sweep wooden floors is preferable to vacuuming dirt, dust, and debris out of carpet. Keep material selection to a minimum and consider the more hard-wearing choices for longevity.

Maintain your view

You can always switch up decor or update your holiday home, but it’s harder to change the view! Take advantage of how your home is naturally positioned, or talk to an interior designer professional about redesigning your home’s layout so you can make the most of your outlook.

North facing rooms

Facing larger living spaces towards the north is the best way to maximise natural light throughout the entire day. Allow for ventilation and cross flow of breeze so the space doesn’t become too hot in summer. Positioned correctly, your north facing room will be warm and toasty in winter and bright and breezy in the summer.

Extra bedrooms

Whether it’s by reconfiguring the existing layout or building an extension, adding extra bedrooms to your holiday home will not only maximise the physical space, but increase the value as well. Remember, bedrooms don’t have to be large. When it comes to your holiday home, there’s something about larger communal areas that adds to the vibe. 

Beachfront house with backyard

Outdoor showers and open living areas

Features like these are what set holiday homes apart from primary residences. After a long day hiking, kayaking, or biking, nothing beats taking a relaxing outdoor shower. And while open living areas may be common, they help create a social atmosphere that’s perfect for hosting friends, family, and loved ones and making new memories together. After all, that’s what a holiday home is all aboxut. 

See how the local Manawatu team renovated a 1940s beach house to include a modern open-plan layout while maintaining the feeling of a classic kiwi bach. 

holiday home complete kitchen renovation

Complete home renovation costs

When it comes to costs, there’s no difference between renovating a primary residence vs. holiday homes - it all comes down to project scope. We’ve talked extensively about how much it costs to renovate a home in New Zealand here, and we’ve also broken it down by room in these articles:

Every project is unique and will therefore incur different costs. The best way to get an accurate estimate for your holiday home renovation is to seek quotes from different contractors and teams. At Refresh, all renovation costs are provided according to what you want to achieve. In other words, your local Renovation Consultant in Manawatu will provide you with a fixed quote accurate to your project.

Stress-free holiday home renovations with Refresh Manawatu

If you’ve been avoiding holiday home renovations because you don’t want to spend time driving back and forth to check on your project, we can help! Book your free holiday home renovation consultation with our Manawatu team to arrange an initial meeting, during which you can discuss the process and learn more about what it looks like to renovate from afar!

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