House Extensions in Manawatu: Navigating Permits and Regulations with Ease

Confused about what permits you need to apply for when building a house extension in Manawatu? You’re not alone! Here’s how to navigate the permitting process with ease…

house extension, granny flat in Manawatu

Who is in charge of issuing consent in Manawatu?

In New Zealand, local councils are responsible for regulating building and renovations to keep our homes and commercial spaces safe and improve construction standards across the country. Specifically in our area, your home extension application will be reviewed by a Building Officer with the Manawatu District Council.

You can schedule a meeting with the council before submitting consent, permit, and licence applications. During this meeting you can confirm what’s needed, ask questions about the process, and build rapport with council staff who are familiar with all the regulations.

The application process for house extension permits

Before you can submit any applications, detailed designs must be completed that outline your proposed home extension. Applications can be overwhelming. Incorrect filings will cause delays. Amendments to your application will also cause delays and incur additional costs, so it pays to have an experienced professional guide you from the beginning.

After receiving and vetting your application, the council has 20 days to either approve or deny your request. However, if they need more information, that timer is paused until they have everything. If the decision to approve your application is granted, all fees must be paid before it can officially be issued.

Once everything is in order, construction must commence within 12 months of consent issuance, or you have to start all over.

What is included in a consent application?

These applications are quite extensive and require a lot of information. Here are a few examples of the kind of information you’ll be asked to provide:

What are you applying for?

  • Building consent
  • Amendment to building consent
  • Project information memo

What building work are you doing?

  • New detached dwelling
  • Major alterations
  • Plumbing works

Who owns the building or land?

  • Copy of title
  • Leasing agent contact information

Who’s involved in the design and build?

  • Designer
  • Architect
  • Tradespeople

What are the specifics of the site?

  • What is the wind zone?
  • Are there public drains on site?
  • Is there new or altered access for vehicles?

What are the details of the building work?

  • Estimated value of the building work
  • What is the intended life of the building?
  • Have you discussed this project with the council prior to applying?
  • Does the project include restricted building work?
A stylish yet understated master suite extension in Shannon, Manawatu

Will Refresh Manawatu take care of council approval?

As you can see, these applications are quite substantial and require a significant amount of information and planning. At Refresh, we understand how stressful renovations can be, especially the parts related to the council and permits.

That’s why liaising with the council is included in our 5-step process. Our Renovation Consultants will work diligently on your behalf to ensure your documentation is completed correctly to try to move your application along as quickly as possible.

consent for a granny flat

Building a home extension with Refresh

We’ve delivered countless successful house extension projects of all shapes and sizes. In January 2023, the Manawatu team completed an award-winning master bedroom extension which includes a luxurious bathroom and incredible indoor-outdoor flow. This renovation was completed for $170,000* but Refresh has built home extensions for anywhere from $77,000* to nearly $300,000: costs depend on each project’s scope. You can read more about the cost to build a home extension in New Zealand here.

master bedroom extension in Manawatu

Want to build a home extension but not keen on council applications?

While we can’t wave a magic wand and make applications disappear, we can make it feel that way by taking them off your plate. To learn more about the process or to discuss your ideas with a local Manawatu Renovation Consultant, simply get in touch and arrange a free consultation.

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