How House Extensions Can Make A Difference To Your Property

Have you outgrown your Waikato home, but not keen on moving? Consider a house extension instead to expand the footprint of your current home and maximise its value.

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Unlocking the Potential of House Extensions in Waikato

Extending your house will have a positive effect on its market value. Whether you’re accommodating a growing family or want more space to live, a home extension opens you up to a world of possibility. 

First, you’ll want to have a clear understanding of your reason for extending your home. This will help inform which type of house extension best suits your goals. Keep reading to learn more about the different kinds of home extensions available to you in the Waikato.

Bright bathroom wall to wall aqua-marine tiles
Preserving the Past for a Functional Future in Te Awamutu, Waikato

Types of house extensions

Building an extension means more than just adding another room to your property. There are all kinds of house extensions, including: 

  • Room extensions: Grow the space in your bedroom or living room with an accessible, same-level extension. This could be a bedroom, living room, or conservatory house extension.
  • Garage extensions: Add more space for an extra vehicle or to create a gym or storage area.
  • Kitchen extensions: Expand the heart of your home: your kitchen!
  • Attic extension: Turn underutilised space into a bonus storey for a bedroom or home office.
  • Extending to a second storey: Grow vertically to add extra bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, home offices, and much more. A double storey extension costs a bit more, but the result is impactful.
  • Minor dwelling extensions: Add a self-contained space for houseguests or renters.

Learn more about adding an extension to a house and check out Refresh’s ultimate guide to extending your home!

Backlit mirror with double sinks
Rejuvenating a tired 1930s home in Maeroa, Hamilton

Five Ways a Home Extension Could Benefit Your Property

Increased living space

When you imagine your ideal home, do you dream of more space? That dream is within reach when you plan a house extension! Whether you’d like to focus on growing one area of the house or an expansion of all rooms, the possibilities are practically endless. The final result? More space for you and your family to comfortably spread out.

Improved layout and functionality 

Benefit from an open-plan layout with the expansion of your kitchen and dining areas. These same-level extensions are great ways to make your home more spacious while improving overall functionality.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

A house extension grants you the opportunity to explore new or varied designs. For an older, traditional home, you might consider blending classic with contemporary style in your home extension. Plan to add more natural light and other aesthetic enhancements to help make your home more appealing on the market.

Cost effective solution

More often than not, the house extension process is more cost-effective than selling your current home and buying a new one. Buying a new place and moving require all kinds of fees, from paying for inspections and minor renovations to hiring movers and setting up your home the way you like it. When you go the home extension route, you also get the advantage of creating your ideal space from your exact specifications.

Home and income opportunities

Add a minor dwelling to your Waikato home to make money with short or long-term rentals. Self-contained units are popular in the region to house visitors while you make a profit.

U-shaped kitchen with tiled splashback
Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation in Flagstaff, Hamilton: A Stunning Transformation with Designer Finishes

How Can a House Extension Add Value to Your Waikato Home?

Don’t let renovation costs consume you – remember to consider the overall value that you’re adding to your home with a house extension! 

Adding square footage to your home automatically increases your property’s value on the market. And when you choose to work with an expert renovation company like Refresh, you’ll benefit from a bespoke process and a polished result.

Make your dream home a reality 

Don’t settle for a too-tiny home. Get in touch with a Renovation Consultant in the Waikato to speak with home extension contractors and discuss open plan extension ideas today!

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