How Much Does A Bathroom Renovation Cost In New Zealand?

Bathrooms are one of the most high-traffic rooms in any home, making them a popular candidate for renovation. At Refresh, we’ve completed a range of bathroom renovations costing anywhere from around $20,000* to upwards of $90,000*, each one accomplishing a different goal. Instead of breaking down the cost of each component, we want to show you exactly what you can achieve at different price points by showcasing some of our real-life bathroom renovations.


There is no ‘one size fits all’ bathroom renovation so there’s no set cost for one. However, there are a few things that all bathroom renovations have in common: the spatial area, functional improvements, layout changes and council consent, and project purpose. Each of these factors will influence the overall cost of any bathroom renovation.
In this article, we’ll explore how these main budget drivers affect a bathroom renovation’s final price. We’ll provide details and actual renovation costs and sizes to help you get a better understanding of what can be accomplished at different price points. Reviewing some of our website case studies of projects that are comparable to your space and your goals will give you a general idea of what you could spend but working directly with a Refresh Renovation Consultant is the best way to get an accurate quote for your specific project.

Main budget drivers

  • Size of your space
  • Functional improvements
  • Layout changes and council consent
  • Project purpose (design-led vs. budget-led)

Read on to find out how much your bathroom renovation may cost depending on the changes you are looking to make.

Size of your space

Bathroom renovations often include more than ‘just’ a bathroom, whether it’s an additional powder room, ensuite, or included laundry area. While it may stand to reason that a larger space will cost more, you may actually save money in the long run by renovating these areas together. Your materials can be ordered in bulk and the multiple rooms can be addressed simultaneously, eliminating the need to hire tradespeople twice had you opted to renovate additional bathrooms on separate occasions. Design continuity is also easier to maintain when renovating interior spaces at the same time.
Refresh has completed thousands of successful renovations and we’ve found that most bathroom projects fall into one of the three following spatial categories:

Less than 10m2

Just because a bathroom is small doesn’t mean a makeover makes limited impact. Renovating a compact space may provide scope in your budget to invest in luxury materials or a high-end finish. See how this bathroom and powder room were combined into a functional 5m2 layout for $33,000*. (OCT 2021)


Whether it’s a single bathroom or multiple spaces at once, the most common size bathroom renovation we see at Refresh is about 15m2. Take a look at this luxury 15m2 bathroom renovation that cost $47,000*. (JUN 2022)

Over 20m2

A larger space will present more opportunities to spend money. However, a fantastic result can still be executed cost-effectively. This bathroom, powder room, and laundry room, totalling 50m2, were transformed for $61,000*. (OCT 2021)

Functional improvements

There’s always a chance that something unexpected will be uncovered during a renovation and bathrooms are no exception. Water damage, substandard waterproofing, rotted subflooring, and even asbestos or galvanised pipes in older homes are some of the most common challenges we’ve come across. While uncovering these issues isn’t ideal, they can be remedied in a timely and budget-conscious manner. See how this beautiful 8m2 bathroom was renovated for $36,000* despite encountering both asbestos and underlying damage. (MAY 2022)
More exciting than remedial work, there are plenty of functional upgrades, such as increased water pressure and rainfall showerheads, that will make your bathroom feel more luxurious. While some options may be more expensive, they’ll dramatically improve the functionality and comfort of your bathroom. Underfloor heating, dual showerheads, and a solar-powered water heater were some of the striking improvements made during this 25m2 dual bathroom renovation for $71,000*. (OCT 2021)

Layout changes and council consent

Maintaining your existing layout will always be the most important decision for a budget-friendly makeover. Repositioning your shower, vanity, or toilet will involve costly replumbing, rewiring, and council consent. Sometimes, though, reconfiguring your bathroom is essential to create better flow and functionality.
Even so, adopting a new layout doesn’t automatically incur massive costs, especially if the space is small. See how a new layout transformed this compact 6m2 bathroom for just under $24,000*. (AUG 2022)
In addition to plumbing and fixtures changes, many bathroom projects require council consent especially when installing new drains and tiling wet areas. Consent isn’t necessary for every project but if it is, the costs can reach anywhere from a few hundred dollars into the thousands. This may give you a budget shock but, ultimately, consent is required for safety and to preserve the longevity of your property.

Project purpose (design-led vs. budget-led)

Bathroom renovations are inspired by a variety of situations. A design-led project can be difficult to justify for a rental property, whereas, in a forever home, homeowners tend to be more willing to invest in a high-end bathroom. Both approaches can yield beautiful results: the outcome simply depends on the motivation behind the project.
So why is project purpose important? Some homeowners come to us with a strict budget in mind and whatever can be achieved within that figure is what we focus on. Others opt for a design-led project meaning that product selection and design decisions dictate the final cost.
During this project, two bathrooms totalling 9m2 were renovated for $55,000*. (OCT 2021) Since they were tackling two bathrooms, the homeowners wanted to be conscious of their spending but still ended up with beautiful spaces thanks to their Renovation Consultant’s smart suggestions.
This 30m2 renovation is a great example of a design-led project. Two bathrooms and a laundry space were renovated for $90,000* and included customised details, such as bespoke cabinetry and tiling, and high-end fixtures and finishings. (MAY 2022)

Want to learn the cost of a bathroom renovation of your own?

We deliver beautiful bathroom renovations to homeowners across New Zealand, with each project including an initial consultation and thorough planning phases. Before any construction begins, our Renovation Consultants provide fixed quotes for the cost of each individual project. If you’re interested in starting your bathroom renovation, get in touch with a local Renovation Consultant to arrange your free consultation!
*Costs are shown as an indicative guide of what previous projects have cost. The costs of renovating a home rise each year as material and labour charges increase. For an estimate/quote on your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovations specialist to find out more about our planning, design and build process.
**All Refresh Renovations franchises are independently owned and operated.

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All Refresh Renovations franchises are independently owned and operated.

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