Kitchen Renovations in Invercargill: Where to Start

Transform your home and lifestyle with a custom kitchen renovation in Invercargill. Learn where to start and get inspired by recent design trends from your local kitchen renovation experts at Refresh.

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Dubbed the “hub of the home”, a new kitchen is unsurprisingly at the top of most homeowners’ renovation list. And, after hours of scrolling inspiration boards and watching home renovation shows, it’s easy to feel ready to jump straight in. But where do you start? Well, this is as good a place as any! Follow along as we discuss kitchen renovation basics. 

Creating a functional kitchen

Everyone wants an aesthetically pleasing kitchen, but at the end of the day, functionality is the biggest reason homeowners opt to renovate their kitchen – whether it’s due to a poor layout, old appliances, water damage, or a myriad of other reasons that cause you daily headaches. 

Creating a functional kitchen could be as simple as installing a groutless splashback and new flooring for easy cleaning. Alternatively, if function is severely lacking in the heart of your home, then an entire kitchen overhaul could be in order. 

Planning a renovation

Whether you’re taking on a self-managed project or enlisting the help of experienced professionals, planning is the key behind every successful renovation. Without it, budget blowouts and timeline delays are pretty much a guarantee. To avoid those situations: here are a few non-negotiable steps:


Knowing how much you’re comfortable spending before starting your design will help manage your expectations and avoid disappointment throughout the process. Most kitchen renovations are either motivated by design (achieve a certain aesthetic, regardless of cost) or budget (doing what you can with a predefined budget). Neither approach is better than the other, but it’s helpful to know what your limits are. Learn more about how much a kitchen renovation costs here. 


Your project scope outlines everything that will be done during your kitchen renovation, from demolition and electrical to painting and fine details. This goes hand-in-hand with budgeting. If you’re inexperienced with renovations, this task will be challenging. So having a professional kitchen renovator by your side to guide you through the process is invaluable.


Remember, when it comes to renovations, sourcing materials is hardly ever as simple as heading down to Bunnings, filling up your car, and heading home. Many materials have a significant lead time and need to be ordered in advance. If not, you could be waiting weeks or even months before they arrive.  

Kitchen design trends

The possibilities are endless, from small kitchens and galley kitchens, to modern kitchens, shaker style kitchens and everything in between. It all depends on what your personal style is and how you need your kitchen to function.           

If you need a little inspiration, check out these two recent Refresh kitchen renovations in Invercargill. 

As part of a whole home makeover project, this kitchen was transformed from a cramped, dark space to a bright, open-plan kitchen and living area with rustic touches, stunning bench tops, feature lighting, and an organised scullery. 

In this project, an odd layout with dark cabinetry gave way to a minimalist kitchen design with ample natural light pouring in, sleek white cabinets, and beautiful new flooring.   

Calling in the professionals

With everything planned to a T, what’s next? Who’s going to bring it to life? You may need as many as a dozen tradies to pass through your door before your kitchen is finished, which can quickly become overwhelming and disorganised. At Refresh, our Renovation Consultants will guide you through the entire process, including finding the best kitchen builders in Invercargill, sourcing premium materials with maximum value, and helping to ensure your project gets delivered on time and within budget. 

Want a kitchen you can make memories in?

If you’re ready for a new kitchen, we’re ready to make it happen. Get in touch with the experienced team at Refresh Renovations Invercargill to arrange your free consultation. 

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