Metal Roofing: The Basics Homeowners Need To Know

Everything you need to know about metal roofing!

Metal Roofing: The Basics Homeowners Need To Know

Metal roofing is becoming more and more popular across contemporary property projects and is being seen more on residential properties as homeowners realise the benefits of it. An eco-friendly and low-maintenance roofing option, metal is available in just about every style and colour and offers a fantastic alternative to more traditional commonplace roofing options.
But is metal roofing for you? Read on to learn the basics.

What are the different types of Metal Roofing?

You’ll likely know lots of different types of metal, but how do these translate to roofing? There are several roofing products made of different types of metal that are hardwearing enough to withstand the elements. There’s lots available, but primarily you’ll find:
Zinc – often misconstrued as a modern roofing material, zinc has actually been used on roofs for some 200 years! Available in an array of colours and finishes, it remains the most popular metal roofing option
Aluminium – coated aluminium is very light so suitable for a whole host of properties. This too is available in a variety of colours, which makes it popular amongst homeowners looking for a particular aesthetic. Aluminium is installed in a similar way to zinc but cannot be soldered, so isn’t suitable for all properties
Steel – stainless steel can be used for a long-term ‘clean’ look as it doesn’t develop a patina (the green-ish film formed on some metals by long exposure to the elements), or corrugated steel can be used to create an agricultural-type aesthetic
Corten steel – a heavy-duty steel metal, corten steel develops a characteristic orange layer of rust over its surfaces
Copper – a different coloured metal, copper begins to oxidise almost immediately after installation and will lose its natural bright patina. There are a variety of copper finishes available, including Verdigris green and bright raw copper
Green Coat PLX – a coated steel, Green Coat PLX is popular in Scandinavian markets. Green Coat PLX is made using eco-friendly coatings and is cheaper than zinc but can supplied in RAL colours to match windows and doors exactly.

What are the benefits of Metal Roofing?

There are a lot of misconceptions around metal roofing – not least because when its mentioned most of us conjure up an image of rusted corrugated metal sheets! This could now not be further from the truth, with a whole host of modern, lightweight metal roofing tiles available. Some have even been manufactured to look traditional roofing tiles, so the difference is barely noticeable to the naked eye.
Metal roofing lasts a considerably longer time than more traditional options such as concrete, slate and shingle because they’re not only able to easily withstand inclement weather such as rain, snow and heavy winds, but they’re also fire, rot and mildew resistant. What’s more, metal roofing is suitable for more properties than conventional products as they can be installed on roofing with a low pitch.
With recycled metals common and them being suitable for recycling after use, metal roofing is considered an environmentally friendly roofing option. It also helps promote good energy efficiency, as they have a better thermal profile and so hold heat into a home more effectively than traditional methods; saving on bills and emissions. What’s more, the high solar reflectivity and emissivity means a metal roof can actually cool the property when it’s too hot, too.

How much does Metal Roofing cost?

Metal roofing is varied in its prices, dependent on the type of metal used, the complexity of the installation and the size of the roof.
As a ballpark, you can expect to pay a minimum of £100/m² for a zinc roof. Corten steel roofing comes in more expensive at around £280 - £350/m²; but this is often because it requires installation from a specialist contractor.
Metal roofing is usually more expensive for upfront purchase per unit in compared to asphalt shingles or more conventional roofing products, but the value derived from them is higher as they last longer. For example, lightweight steel roof tiles require little upkeep or repair and can last over 60 years; so once installed, there’s no further additional costs until they eventual require replacement.

How does Metal Roofing compare to asphalt shingles?

While currently less common, metal roofing does generally present better value for a homeowner than asphalt shingles. This again is down to its durability and longevity. Asphalt shingles are considerably more susceptible to weathering over time and to damage in extreme weather conditions. Asphalt shingles will require replacements and repairs over time as they shift, crack and are subject to damp and/or fungus or algae growth.

What are the disadvantages of Metal Roofing?

Of course, no roofing product is perfect. The initial cost of purchase and installation for metal roofing makes it prohibitive to many, as it is more expensive than other solutions.
Metal roofing may not be suitable for all homes as it can be noisy. If inclement weather strikes, you may be able to hear rain through the tiles as it echoes. Metal roofing also isn’t entirely indestructible. If hit by something with enough force, it can dent; which could lead to warping and other issues which may force the need for replacement.

Can I just add Metal Roofing over my existing asphalt shingles?

If your roof is structurally sound and the shingles still in good condition, there’s nothing stopping metal roofing being installed over the top. However, it is more common for the asphalt shingles to first be removed; although this is primarily for aesthetic purposes.
A breathable underlay will need to be laid on top of the existing shingles before it is counter-battened and its fascia boards renewed. This allows the roof to bear the increased height without issue.

Where can I get more advice on Metal Roofing?

Refresh Renovations has worked with all types of metal roofing across a wide variety of properties, so we can help homeowners make a decision on what will suit them and their property best. Get in touch with your local Refresh office to arrange a free home visit with no obligation to scope out your options!

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