Your Complete Home Renovation Guide in Christchurch

Ready to renovate? Read this first! It’s our Christchurch renovation experts’ guide to transforming your home.

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What to think about before you start your Christchurch renovation

The first question you should ask yourself is do you want to renovate your home to live in, or renovate to sell. In other words, are you going to love it or list it? Renovating your home to stay in and enjoy means you can add extra touches of your own style to the project and transform your home in ways that will suit your family’s lifestyle.

If you’re renovating to list, you may want to tone down ideas and keep things relatively neutral so the home’s new owners can still make their mark on the property.

Plan your house renovation

Planning your home renovation is essential for keeping your project running smoothly, to budget, and with minimal hiccups along the way. That’s where the value of working with a home renovation specialist comes to the fore. 

At Refresh, our building and renovation services start at the very beginning where we listen to your ideas, plan your budget, prepare a timeline, and oversee the building and construction stages of your renovation. It’s all part of our unique five step process to ensure a successful renovation every time. 

These are the things to consider when renovating a house:

Decide your budget

How much are you prepared to spend? Do you have a buffer if costs increase or there’s a kitchen tile that you simply can’t say no to? Being clear on your budget from the outset helps to keep your project on track.

Determine your timeframe

Are you in a rush for your home extension to be complete or are you prepared to wait for your preferred house builders in Christchurch? When this Christchurch couple renovated their home in Hoon Hay, they were certainly working to a timeframe. They had a baby on the way!

Hire the experts

Although we’re a nation of DIYers, when it comes to home renovations, working with local renovation specialists and residential builders in Christchurch can help to ensure a quality outcome and an enjoyable experience along the way.

Explore planning permission requirements

Do the ideas you have for your home renovation require council consent? A deck extension for example may require consent, not just for building but for demolishing an existing one. A pool will require consent before installation. And if you’re embarking on a full home renovation that changes the footprint of your house, that will likely require council approval too. Fortunately, that’s part of the Refresh process when our Renovation Consultants are at the helm!

Prepare a schedule of works

Preparing a schedule of works for your project and understanding how long different stages of the project will take will help to manage your expectations and make it easier for different trades to be scheduled on the job.

planning a renovation

What are the ideal areas for your home renovation project in Christchurch?

Home renovations usually come about because your house no longer suits your needs. Depending on your lifestyle, this may mean your bathroom is too small or you want better indoor outdoor flow. It could be you need more space so a garage conversion is on the cards, or you’re walking from home more so you need an office. These Christchurch homeowners turned their house into a home with a flooring update and a new kitchen.

At Refresh, our Renovation Consultants have helped homeowners transform their properties in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples of why homeowners turned to us for help:

modern interior renovation with marble

Pros and cons of house renovations in Christchurch

If you’re still trying to decide whether a home renovation is right for you, here are a few pros and cons to consider. 

Pros of a home renovation

  • Adds more value
  • Cheaper than buying a new house
  • Modern features to your house

Cons of a home renovation

  • Cost and spiral out of control
  • Required more work
  • Project delays
Polished finishings and a fantastic kitchen revival in Riccarton, Christchurch

Renovate your home with a Christchurch Renovation Specialist

Work with our home renovation experts at Refresh Renovations in Christchurch and we’ll ensure there are no cons to your project. Book your free consultation today to renovate your home with a renovation specialist in Christchurch.

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