Planning your shower - what to consider

These days, selecting your shower isn't a black and white decision. There's level-entry showers, showers over bathtubs, enclosed corner showers...and then there's choosing materials that work within your budget! We know what it's like, so we've put together a guide to simplify the shower-selecting process!

Luxury walk-in shower

By Donna Webeck
Showers form an essential element of our bathrooms and are no longer just a simple household fixture which focuses on hygiene (or the popular choice for channelling our inner rock star and indulge in a spot of singing!). When renovating a bathroom in the UK, it pays to plan your shower carefully.  Here’s what you are wise to consider.

How much should I spend on my shower?

Just as with any renovation, you need to be clear on what you are prepared to spend when planning a shower renovation.  According to research the average cost of a new bathroom is £6,000 in the UK. And while a shower will only make up a small part of your budget, you still need to factor a spend of between £1,000 to £2,000.
Of course, you can go all out with your fittings and fixtures but cheaper choices will hurt your hip pocket less.
Finally, keeping your shower in its existing place will also be more budget-friendly, so only move it from its original position if you have this extra cost factored into your budget.

What are the essential factors renovators should consider when planning their new shower?

“Planning and measurements are critical,” confirms Tom Bentley, Operations Manager, Refresh UK. “Make sure you measure your bathroom space before you buy anything. Know the size of the shower tray you need and remember to account for the shower door. Taking the time to do this will go a long way in ensuring you end up with the right choice of shower.”

What are my choices for shower trays?

You have many options for your shower tray. Select from ceramic, acrylic, stone resin, marble or tiles.
Ceramic was once the most popular choice – they’re very durable and affordable but cold to touch and can shatter easily.
An acrylic or ABS shower trays are also affordable, and easy to install. And while they are warmer to touch, they aren’t known for feeling as robust as ceramic.
Stone resin remains a popular option. Warm, durable and available in many sizes and styles, there will be a choice to suit every bathroom.
Marble and tiles remain the most luxurious choices for shower trays. And while they will look striking, they will be much more expensive than other options.

What are my choices for shower frames?

Fully framed shower screens are a popular choice. Made from glass panels, supported by a frame and edged with rubber seals to prevent leaks, they’re ideal for bathrooms of all sizes and a wise option for budget-conscious renovators.
Frameless showers offer a distinct visual appeal and are known for their sleek look. Featuring a simple, modern design, with a glass panel supported by minimal hardware, they are an excellent choice when space is an issue.
Fixed panel shower screens are a luxurious choice if space allows. Comprising of one or two fixed panes of glass, they are suitable for use in large bathrooms as they require a drying area that will be open to the room.

What luxury inclusions are there today for showers?

From decadent dual showers to supersized rain showerheads fitted with LED lights, to jets and steam devices which turn the humble shower into a sauna, if you’re lucky enough to have an infinite budget, you’ll only be limited by your imagination!

Get in touch with Refresh to discuss your shower renovation project

For more information on how to best plan your shower to meet your budget and your design brief, be sure to contact your local United Kingdom Refresh Renovation expert today!

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