Renovation projects in Surrey

Renovating in Surrey makes complete sense when escalating property prices and increased stamp duty land tax is considered. Surrey is absolutely stunning and provides the best quality of life imaginable.

Renovation project in Surrey UK

Whether you’re Surrey born-and-bred and want to renovate your property, or you’re moving to this beautiful county and are buying a property to renovate, local company Refresh Renovations specialises in home renovations throughout Surrey.
So is Surrey a good place to renovate? And what do you need to know before renovations start? Firstly, let’s look at the region itself.
Surrey is split in two by the North Downs, with much of the county listed as protected Metropolitan Green Belt. It contains swathes of mature woodland, with renowned beauty spot Box Hill boasting the oldest untouched area of natural woodland in the country.
Renovation projects in hampshire with woodlands
With 1.1 million people, Surrey’s population density is medium-high on residentially developed land, being especially dense in the north where it meets Greater London. Because of its nearness to the capital, there are many commuter towns and villages in Surrey. It’s also well-positioned for Heathrow and Gatwick airports, major motorways and frequent rail services.
Surrey is wealthy, and has the highest GDP per capita of all English counties, the highest cost of living in the UK outside central London, and some of the most expensive property. With an overall average house price upwards of £450,000, Surrey is more expensive than nearby West Sussex, Berkshire and East Sussex. The most expensive area within Surrey is Wentworth.
Renovation expensive houses in surrey
In Surrey, you can have a rural idyll with easy access to London, but what else makes it such a great place to consider renovating?
Kelley Malcher from Refresh Renovations says, “Surrey is absolutely stunning and provides the best quality of life imaginable. It's the perfect balance between urban and rural living, but dream homes aren’t cheap. Demand is high but there aren't many properties on the market, and this has driven prices even higher. If you already own a property in Surrey, you may have accrued equity over the years, but that would soon get swallowed up in moving costs and stamp duty land tax. As of October 2018 for example, buying a new £1.5 million four-bedroom home just outside Guildford will cost nearly £94,000 in Stamp Duty Land Tax. If you want a bigger home and have the land or loft space, it makes much more financial sense to stay where you are and invest in your current property.”
With the majority of properties in Surrey falling into the higher stamp duty categories, it makes sense to consider renovating before moving house, or buying a house that needs building work. You’ll be adding value to your property while creating a space that reflects your personality and meets your requirements.
What factors do you need to consider before you start renovating? Kelley says, “Surrey has many period properties of historical significance that may be subject to restraints on how they can be renovated. But we love restoration as well as renovation at Refresh! There's something special about sympathetically restoring a property to its former glory and maintaining the charm and characteristics of its period features for future generations.”
old victorian house renovated in surrey
There are also some things to consider which are specific to Surrey. Kelley goes on to say that, “Guildford in particular has many flint buildings, which are time-consuming to restore and often not very well insulated. Green belt land and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are also prevalent in Surrey. That doesn't mean you can't extend your home, but it does mean that we need to be aware of how designs impact the surrounding environment.”
Transforming a house into your dream home is the goal of any renovator. With its beautiful countryside an easy commute from London, Surrey is a perfect place to turn a neglected residence into a stunning home.
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