Toilet suite styles and implications

Baths are experiencing a renaissance in the bathroom, particularly in the area of free-standing baths. Free-standing baths not only provide a design feature within the bathroom, but they can also save costs since they eliminate the need to build frames or add tiles around the bath.

Caroma launches premium bath range
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When you are considering updating your toilet suite, you can sometimes feel daunted by questions you have never considered in relation to this important fixture in your home.  However, an upgrade to your toilet is often a simple “replacement” process.  This is where the plumber simply replaces your existing toilet with a new modern suite without having to modify any pipework.  If you already have a Caroma toilet, replacing it with a brand new one of the same model is even easier!

There are three things you need to know before buying:

1.  Does the water for the cistern come in from a high level (inline with the top of the cistern) or from a low level position (beneath the cistern)?  If it is a low level position, you need to purchase a suite with a ‘Bottom Inlet’ position.  Depending on the position of the water inlet in the high level, you may need to talk to your plumber about moving it to suit either a Back Entry suite or Bottom Inlet suite.  A Back Entry suite has the water coming in to the back of the cistern with no exposed pipework. This is the more modern format.
2. Is your toilet pan an ‘S’ or ‘P’ Trap?  If the pan outlet goes through the floor, you have an S Trap pan, if it goes through the wall, then it is a P Trap pan.
3. Take a measurement.  The final information you require is the measurement from the floor or wall where the pan outlet goes out, to the centre of the outlet on your toilet.  The diagrams below show you exactly where to measure.  This is called your ‘set out’ measurement.
Of course, your plumber can advise you on all of this and can indicate the cost of moving pipework for the water inlet if you wish to move to a Back Entry suite option.
Once you have this information, you can use the Caroma Renovation product selector to identify toilet suites that suite your set out measurements. 

Depending on your set out measurements, you can choose from 3 basic styles of toilet suites:

Connector Suite

A link or connector toilet suite allows for the cistern to be screwed to the wall with a flush pipe connecting the cistern to the pan.  The pan can then be set out further from the wall with a connection plate concealing the flush pipe.  The benefit of this style is that it is highly flexible for people not wanting to change the basic design or flooring of their bathroom, but just want to upgrade the suite from a previous Connector suite.

Close Coupled Suite

A close coupled suite is one where the cistern is fixed directly on to the toilet pan.  The benefit of this style is that it gives a more modern look yet in some cases does not require changes to be made to the floor because the pan covers the previous “footprint” (note: this must be checked with your plumber)

Wall Faced Suite

A wall faced suite is similar to a close coupled suite however the back of the pan sits flush with the wall completely concealing all pipework.  The benefit of this suite is that it is modern and easy to clean.

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Caroma has toilet suites in all these basic styles and a specific design to suit your bathroom.  Caroma toilets come with a 7 year product replacement warranty so you can have peace of mind choosing this market leading brand.


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