Tile Depot: What are Biophilic Tiles

There's a "new" term being bandied about in design circles called Biophilic design and most of us are already embracing it.

There\u2019s a \u201cnew\u201d term being bandied about in design circles called Biophilic design and most of us are already embracing it.

There’s a “new” term being bandied about in design circles called Biophilic design and most of us are already embracing it. The term Biophilia, generally meaning a love of nature, has been around since the 1970s. Biophilic Design is a more recent term that describes maintaining the human connection to the natural world by incorporating natural elements into our built environment.
As society becomes increasingly urbanized the importance and natural desire for biophilic design only increases. We all know we feel better when we get outdoors and reconnect with nature so it’s no wonder that biophilic design has proven to reduce stress and generally improve our overall well-being. Without realising, or labelling it, people are seeking out products and colours that bring elements of nature into their interiors.
This “trend” is even making its presence apparent in the tile designs being sought after at The Tile Depot. Being constructed of naturally occurring ingredients, ceramic and porcelain tiles are compatible with the principles of biophilic design. They are sustainable, contain no allergens and are incredibly durable. Modern tiles come in a virtually limitless array of designs and colours with high-definition printing replicating the look and feel of natural elements with incredible authenticity. Biophilic design in tiles can encompass any tile that embodies the essence of nature, be it as simple as a colour or as detailed as a high-definition reproduction. The following is a summary of the Tile Depot’s top 6 biophilic tile trends for 2021.


High-definition printing opens up an infinite world of design possibility. Expect to see an increasing presence of mural effect porcelain tiles with distinctly floral and greenery designs. The GLAM range is an incredibly special range available at The Tile Depot on indent only.

Stone-Effect Tiles

Porcelain that replicates natural stone can incorporate a wide array of stone designs, from marble to granite, dolomite to sandstone. Stone-effect tiles have all the variation and beauty of natural stone without the maintenance issues. They can appear as textured stacked stone feature tiles or cut and honed stone slabs.


Neutral naturals like soft greys and whites will always be popular, but earth tones such as greens, blues and shades of rust are the most sought after biophilic colours at present. Generally, these are used on the walls but there is an increasing move toward colour on the floors such as the weathered copper green of the new Foil Verdigris porcelain.


Porcelain Love of wood is virtually universal and wood grain porcelain tiles are in hot demand due to their durability, scratch and fade resistance, imperviousness to water and compatibility with underfloor heating systems. They can come in a wide variety of wood designs and plank lengths. The Alter range is a new woodgrain collection that even features stone insert details in each plank.

Variegated Tile

Variegated tiles are those with variable colour shading that produces a natural organic appearance. Subway format wall tiles, particularly in variegated blues and greens are really hot right now and the Tile Depot has quite a few designs in their range, including the just landed Tribeca collection.

Natural Shapes

The honeycomb effect of hexagonal tiles and the much sought after fishscale designs are some of the different shaped tiles that take their form directly from nature. The Hexa range of wall tiles is available in a range of colours including the deep blue of the Ocean Wave. Seen here in a stunning bathroom designed by Ennik Design in the Netherlands, it strongly draws upon the character of water.

As you can see bioliphic design is just a fancy term for design decisions and outcomes many of us seek out naturally. The exciting and diverse range of tiles on the market ensure that there is a style to suit every individuals interpretation of nature.

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