A Colourful Interior and Roof Rescue in Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt

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When undertaking the removal of asbestos from their property, these owners took the opportunity to give their home an interior makeover too.

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The Initial Consultation

Kirsten and Adrian, the owners of this 1970s Wainuiomata home, needed to remove and replace their asbestos ceilings. The removal of asbestos is a significant and hazardous project, so Kirsten and Adrian needed to move out. This gave them the opportunity to renovate the home’s interior making it more comfortable and contemporary, as well as adding value, should they wish to sell in the future.
After failing to find any reliable contractors on their own, Kirsten and Adrian contacted Refresh Renovations for professional assistance. When the project encountered some challenges, having Renovation Consultant Lia Boersma’s expertise and comprehensive project management proved invaluable. 

Scoping it Out

Since Kirsten and Adrian were vacating the property during the renovation, it was essential that Lia adhere to the project timeline, an estimated nine weeks. The couple also wanted to stay within a $200,000 budget but were unsure what they could achieve. 
Lia worked with her in-house designer, Tina Daisley, to create a detailed plan within the budget. The final version kept within the desired price range and ticked off everything on Kirsten and Adrian’s to-do list, including removing and replacing the asbestos ceiling, a complete bathroom renovation, fireplace removal, new flooring throughout, minor electrical work, some window double-glazing, and cosmetic upgrades in the kitchen.

Construction Surprises

Lia enlisted her Project Manager Danielle Paul to take over the day-to-day operations on-site. Trusted builders from Lia’s professional network carried out the building works and started by safely removing the asbestos ceiling. 
With the hazardous material properly disposed of, the crew installed the new bathroom, flooring, and kitchen upgrades. They then started removing the fireplace. However, about halfway through the renovation, they discovered numerous leaks in the roof which posed a threat to the newly installed GIB.

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The Interior Transformation

Comfortable and modern interiors were what Kirsten and Adrian wanted to achieve as part of their interior transformation, and that’s exactly what they got. The new vinyl flooring and carpet gives the home a completely new feel, while pops of colour in different rooms give each space its distinctive vibe.
In the kitchen, the vibrant splashback of oversized red tiles is a lively addition that makes the entire space feel brand new, despite much of the kitchen being original. The bathroom has a vivid splashback too, using lush emerald green subway tiles. And, leading to the main bedroom, the new arched doorway, painted a subtle rosy-pink, offers a grand entrance.

Final Thoughts

Renovating this 1970s property turned it into a modern home with lots of character. The light flooring lets the colours pop throughout the design and makes everything harmonious. The new corrugated steel roof will stand up to the harshest of Wellington wind and rain, a strong selling point in the future.

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This project was completed in
February 2022
Project description
When undertaking the removal of asbestos from their property, these owners took the opportunity to give their home an interior makeover too.
New Zealand
Project duration
9 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
A leaking roof
Interesting aspects
Creative use of colour
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