A Cosy, Polished Bathroom Renovation Khandallah, Wellington

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After an unfortunate experience with a previous renovation, this Khandallah homeowner wanted to work with a team she could trust to get the job done right.

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Help from trusted professionals

Although obtaining consent is a time-consuming and often tedious aspect of a home renovation, these regulations are in place to ensure that projects meet energy efficiency, safety, and construction standards. Unfortunately, homeowner Wilma learned about non-compliant renovations first-hand. 

A previous bathroom renovation in her 1920s Khandallah villa yielded less-than-desirable results. Unhappy with the leaking shower and poor outcome, Wilma got in touch with Refresh Renovations Wellington to help her transform the space into something functional and compliant. 

Refining the plans

Wilma initially met with Renovation Consultant Jenelle Winstanley who talked her through the process. From design to delivery, Refresh would handle everything for Wilma, including liaising with the council. Unlike the bathroom’s first makeover, Wilma could feel confident in this project with Jenelle at the helm. 

The duo discussed Wilma’s goals for the project. Mainly she wanted a more polished look and improved functionality. She also had an adjoining laundry room she wanted to upgrade as well to coordinate with the bathroom’s new design. Jenelle and Wilma reviewed design iterations and costs, with the estimate coming in at about $68,000. Once they finalised the plans and Wilma accepted the proposed quote, Jenelle arranged for the appropriate consents to be obtained prior to breaking ground on the project. 

Remedial solutions

With approvals in hand, Jenelle enlisted help from her in-house Project Manager so the renovation could begin. Demolition exposed that the leaking shower had caused extensive rot. The damage had to be addressed before moving forward but Wilma explicitly stated she wanted to stay on budget. 

The Refresh process is specifically designed to mitigate known risks but unpleasant surprises are inevitable. Jenelle and her Project Manager collaborated to find a solution that kept costs to a minimum and the renovation on track. Limiting further design variations helped avoid overspending.

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Moving along

At the time of the renovation, the entire country was still suffering from supply chain issues, and this project was no exception. The beautiful stone benchtop was subject to an extended lead time which caused delays to the expected delivery date. 

To keep the schedule moving along, the Project Manager managed the extensive team of general contractors and specialists including plumbers, tilers, electricians, flooring experts, and builders. She had them work around the benchtop delivery and complete other tasks in the meantime so Wilma could still have a functional bathroom in time for Christmas. The Project Manager’s meticulous attention to detail allowed the project to run smoothly despite the hiccups.

A polished result

Jenelle and her Project Manager were able to deliver Wilma’s bathroom and laundry renovation to practical completion before the holidays and return after to finalise the work. They discovered an issue with a faulty light fixture which was covered under warranty so they promptly swapped it out. 

Despite the challenges, the final result is a beautiful, charming design that suits the rest of Wilma’s house. And most importantly, the bathroom and laundry were built up to code and with council consent so Wilma has no worries down the road about compliance issues.

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This project was completed in
August 2023
Project description
Bathroom renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
3 months
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Jenelle Winstanley is Renovation Consultant of Morrison Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Wellington.

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