A Dark Moody Kitchen Renovation

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Masculine kitchen renovation in cambridge

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Not all of Refresh Renovations’ property projects require a full service; and often the team are approached to help where the homeowners have already sourced some of the materials themselves or already have a design in mind. This was one such renovation – with the homeowners having found some bargains from third party manufacturers and wanting a kitchen fit out to install it all.

Stacked ovens are great for space saving
Smart Storage for a Small Space
It’s difficult to tell from the photos, but this sleek new kitchen isn’t the largest of rooms and so needed some smart redesign to give the impression of space and to work in some smart storage solutions. The stacked ovens optimised wall space to maximise the available countertops, which previously were very much at a premium! The original kitchen also had no upper cabinetry so storage was very limited – further impeding on the available space as things had to be stored across worktops. The new design includes low-profile wall cabinetry in the same colour as the wall to create new storage space while essentially camouflaging the appearance of the cupboards to further the impression of spaciousness.
The kitchen was entirely reworked to make the best possible usage of the available space. This involved moving the sink, which was originally situated where the hob is now, as well as the oven. Refresh understand how important the flow of kitchen workspace is.
The units and appliances themselves were purchased by the homeowner directly from a third party – they managed to bag a fantastic deal and so Refresh Renovations’ intervention was to design and install the pieces purchased.

High end tiles for a stylish finish
Premium Tiling for a High-End Finishing Touch
Further to the great deal the homeowners found on their kitchen units, they too found some extremely high-end tiles they wanted incorporated in their new kitchen – and bought them directly from the manufacturer during an impressive discount period. Again, this meant that Refresh’s intervention was simply to fit the purchase; speeding up the process of the renovation. The whole project was completed within just three weeks!

Rose gold fixtures to complement the monochrome decor
Colour scheme
Dark kitchen colour schemes are rarely found in homes and particularly in rooms such as this one where space is somewhat at a premium. Splitting the design into dark units in the lower half of the room with lighter on the top provides great aesthetic contrast, highlighted further by the grey finish tiles between. LED underlighting was fitted beneath each upper cupboard unit which contrasted against the matte black countertops to give a soft illumination throughout.
Decoration remained minimalistic – a happy reality now that the kitchen provides plenty of storage space – and rose gold fixtures and fittings matching with on-counter appliances gives a sleek, elegant style to the room; the only interruption between the strong lines and silhouettes being of a luxury metal.

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This project was completed in
March 2022
Project description
A Cambridgeshire kitchen renovation that oozes style and masculinity.
Cambridgeshire & West Suffolk
United Kingdom
Project duration
3 Weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Interesting aspects
High end tiles and rose gold fittings.
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