A Dramatic Bathroom Transformation in Fernhill, Queenstown

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black and white bathroom

This 1980s home perched on a hill in stunning Queenstown had a great sized backyard, but inside things were starting to show signs of age. The dated bathroom was due for a makeover, and a classic black and white colour scheme soon had it looking in tip-top shape.

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Advice Needed

After two years in their cosy Queenstown home, this homeowner decided it was time to tackle some renovations. The key area of concern was the properties sole bathroom. Not only was it dated, but there was no extraction and the homeowner had also noticed some small leaks during heavy rain.

Wanting advice, they contacted their local Refresh Renovations® Consultant Kathleen Magon who was only too happy to arrange a free, no obligation meeting to discuss ideas for a beautiful bathroom transformation.

The homeowner shared their goals for a renovation, and Kathleen explained more about the Refresh process. As a dedicated consultant, she would take care of every element of the renovation, ensuring a simple and stress-free experience. She was also committed to delivering the renovation on schedule, so the homeowner welcomed her aboard and the planning stages were soon underway.

Planning Stages

Kathleen got to work planning a beautiful bathroom renovation that was budget-led but did prioritise remedying leaks and installing extraction. There was also room in the budget to include some special fittings the homeowner loved, including a black shower frame and tapware, and a heritage inspired vanity and toilet.

In the existing bathroom, the toilet, shower cubicle, and vanity were each separated by half walls which gave the room a crowded feel. The new design would keep a wall between the toilet and shower for privacy but remove the alcove shower and vanity wall. The new shower would be all glass, creating a much more spacious and open feel.

Timing of the renovation would be critical; this was the only bathroom in the property, so the work needed to be completed while the homeowner was overseas. As a Refresh consultant, Kathleen was an experienced project manager who knew how to work to tight deadlines, so once the plans and budget were complete, it was time for an exciting transformation to begin.

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Work Begins

Kathleen’s team began the demolition and build, but soon discovered unexpected issues. The roof and skylight were in worse condition than expected and showed a number of possible water ingress points, so the expert recommendation was to replace the section over the bathroom as a whole rather than try to repair. The existing pipework was aged and brittle and also required an  upgrade; some plasterboard needed replacement due to rot. Taking remedial action did increase the cost of the renovation, but it was important to protect the investment of these renovation works to ensure that these changes were robust enough. Giving the homeowner years of enjoyment of the new bathroom space.

While the bathroom was only 8 square metres, the renovation still required a big team of professionals, from builders and plumbers to painters, flooring specialists, and more. Kathleen expertly managed the entire project, including on site scheduling. She kept the homeowner up to date throughout, and they could also check on progress from overseas via the Refresh customer portal.

Ageless Achromatic Colour Scheme

In just a few short weeks Kathleen completely transformed the bathroom and took it from out-dated eighties to modern, with a timeless quality. The removal of the wall from the shower alcove not only opened the space physically but allowed the light from the window to pass further into the bathroom, making it brighter and more attractive.

The use of an achromatic colour scheme using black, white and grey tones throughout gave the bathroom a classic, timeless look and further enhanced the feeling of spaciousness. The heritage inspired toilet and vanity add a touch of elegance and reflect the homeowner’s taste and personality. Through the combination of a classic colour scheme and some traditional style features an overlook design look was achieved that will stand the test of time.

A Bathroom Worth Boasting About

By focusing on both the design of the bathroom and remedying build issues, Kathleen has delivered a beautiful space with minimal disruption to the homeowner as it was ready for use upon their return from overseas. The whole process was seamless managed while the homeowner was away. The homeowner can enjoy a light, bright, and spacious bathroom that reflects their personality.  Kathleen loves the result that she was able to produce for the homeowner. “The simple colour scheme really works and gives the bathroom a timeless look. The room is so much lighter and more spacious, and the homeowner is thrilled.”

Suppliers used in this project were sourced from Refresh’s preferred partners; Resene and Robertson. Other suppliers were Mico.

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This project was completed in
October 2023
Project description
Bathroom Renovation
Queenstown & Wanaka
New Zealand
Project duration
4.5 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
$43,130 due to discovery of crumbling pipes and roofing issues
Discovery of damaged timber
Interesting aspects
Monochromatic colour scheme
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Kathleen Magon is Renovation Consultant of Solasta Limited, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Queenstown-Wanaka.

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