Leigh McDonald - Melbourne Franchise Owner
Project description
Bathroom, ensuite, toilet room + laundry renovation
Dec 2019
Project duration
1 month
Actual cost
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27 MAC Pty Ltd in Melbourne is an independent Franchisee of Refresh Renovations

Refresh helped this 77-year-old homeowner achieve a modern and stylish bathroom, ensuite and laundry. 

WORDS Mina Phillips

Darren Green asked Refresh Renovations specialist Leigh McDonald to support him in the renovation of his father’s Dingley Village home. There were a few areas within the home that needed attention, however, the bathroom, ensuite, toilet room and laundry were the main priorities. 

Home design ideas

“Leigh and the entire team at Refresh Renovations, from the onset, were a pleasure to deal with”, tells Darren. “Leigh understood my concerns and reservations, as I was project managing the major renovation (of the) ensuite, bathroom, toilet (and) laundry on behalf of my 77-year-old father while he was away.”

Refresh’s process meant that Darren could turn to Leigh for every aspect of the project and trust him to schedule and manage all of the necessary trades. 

“Having previously been in the building industry as a project manager, the ease of daily communication, design assistance, Leigh's skill level, understanding and the skill level of all trades was second to none - alleviating any concerns that I knew could potentially, but did not, arise”, explains Darren.

Working with Refresh also meant that Darren could enjoy the relief of having an established project completion date in place. Leigh originally estimated that the project would be completed within forty-five days. In the end, it was completed fifteen days early. Within this timeframe, Leigh’s team renovated the ensuite, main bathroom, the separate toilet room, laundry and also replaced windows and installed LED downlights throughout the home. 

I unreservedly recommend to anyone that they consider Refresh Renovations and Leigh

House renovation

In both the main bathroom and ensuite, Italian tiles from Beaumont Tiles were selected and installed using an epoxy grout which, Leigh explains, “has better-sealing agents”. Timberline “Royal Oak” vanities were installed and finished with Caesarstone benchtops. Accents of black have been included in the design through the shower, mirror framing, towel rails, shelving and tapware. In each of the bathrooms, pendant lighting adds a stylish effect. To complete the main bathroom, a Parisi freestanding bathtub was installed.   

The ensuite has been designed for two, with the double vanity featuring two sets of basins, tapware and mirrors. As there were no windows in the room, Leigh’s team installed a skylight. The original 900 x 900 shower cubicle was removed and replaced with a 1200 x 900 walk-in shower which significantly opens up the space.

Final thoughts

“The entire project, including additional items such as new bifold doors, stacker doors, additional lighting and so on, has completely transformed my father's home, adding significant increase to the value as a result. Leigh and I often joked that I would move in and put Dad elsewhere!”, laughs Darren. “I unreservedly recommend to anyone that they consider Refresh Renovations and Leigh before making a final decision such as I did.” 

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Leigh McDonald is an independent franchisee of Refresh Renovations.