An Urbanised Bathroom in Upper Hutt, Wellington

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An Urbanised Bathroom in Upper Hutt, Wellington

Eager to renew their bathroom without losing the property's original character, this homeowner sought to renovate without overcomplicating the design.

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Meeting the Pace of Modern Living

Situated in Wellington’s leafy Upper Hutt city, picturesque natural landscapes and metropolitan growth surround this property. 
The building itself, a 1925 villa, still carries the charm of its original character. Finding properties with this particular idyllic style is not common these days; which is a big reason why owners of character homes strive to ensure the building’s integrity is well kept.
This desire was an important factor when the homeowner of this property looked into renovating their bathroom. Needing the hand of an expert, they contacted their local Renovation Specialist, Mark Morrison, who helped them through the project from design to build.

The Initial Plan

When the homeowner first discussed their vision for renovating, their initial plan detailed reviving the bathroom. In its current state, the room’s fixtures were worn, but the bones were beautiful. 
From the wide architraves and cornice to the warm-toned wood skirting, it was clear which features needed handling with care. With that in mind, the project became focused on renewing the bathroom with urban materials to increase longevity and maintain the aesthetic.
Mark, the Renovation Specialist, was able to conceptualise the exact vision the homeowner was striving to achieve - and without needing to bring in a designer. At this stage, the homeowner also decided to include installing a tiled splashback in their kitchen.

Working With the Challenges

After assessing concept feasibility and developing the working drawings, Mark was able to determine the construction timeline. He estimated the process to run across 32 days. But despite the team’s efforts, a handful of unforeseen challenges forced the project to extend out to 44 days.
Challenges included Covid-19 delays, delivery of the wrong vanity, and a series of project variations that arose during construction. They weren’t easy fixes - but Mark and his renovation team worked diligently to complete the project as close to the schedule as possible.

The Finer Details

Renewing the bathroom was an excellent decision for this 1925 villa. The renovation truly urbanised the beautiful body of the space and was a great success, thanks to the careful focus on design.
Backed by his experience in the utility industry and design engineering, Mark used his expertise and eye for detail to ensure they updated all fixtures and fittings in the bathroom with like-for-like replacements. 
Mark sourced most of the materials from Zip Plumbing Plus’ wide variety of bathware products. By opting for a neutral colour palette with black finishings, the renovation certainly achieved the homeowner’s desired outcome to maintain the home’s original character. There is a sure elegance to be found throughout the finer details from the matte black sink to the stone-style vinyl flooring.

Final Results

The homeowner, Mark, and his renovation team were equally thrilled with the bathroom and kitchen’s final results.
Looking specifically at the bathroom, the entire area was indeed revitalised and became a sleek space to unwind. With the new modern fixtures and fittings installed, the room will benefit from the durability of modern-day bathwares as much as occupants will enjoy its support of contemporary living.

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This project was completed in
January 2021
Project description
A new bathroom and tiled kitchen splashback for a Wellington house.
New Zealand
Project duration
44 days
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Wrong vanity top being delivered
Interesting aspects
Commercial-style flooring offers durability against pets
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Mark Morrison is Renovation Consultant of Morrison Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Wellington

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