Converting a garage into a gym and wine cellar

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These homeowners opted to convert their garage into a quarantine-friendly gym and wine cellar.

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As they approached a three-month isolation period due to COVID-19, these homeowners decided to look for a silver lining by converting their garage into a detached gym and wine cellar. They worked with Refresh Renovations specialist Kelley Malcher, who turned their ideas into a concept, and a concept into a completed conversion.  

Garage conversion design

Essentials within the conversion process included a portaloo, flooring, insulation, plastering, painting, raising the height of the ceiling and electrical work. A complicated aspect of this design was the lighting, as a build-up of moss created restrictions around installing lighting in the ceiling. Eventually, it was decided that wall panel lighting would provide the best solution. With all of this in mind, it was accurately estimated that the project would take four weeks to complete.

Wine cellar renovation

Once the homeowners had approved the design plan, the Refresh Renovations Surrey team got to work creating a fully insulated and watertight gym and wine cellar. For the exterior, the team worked to ensure consistency with the surrounding properties. Inside, rubber flooring was installed along with the wall lighting panels, bespoke wooden cabinetry, mirrors and an alarm system. A pre-existing fridge was installed along with pre-existing wine rack shelving. For ultimate comfort and convenience, a WIFI signal booster, an extractor fan, heater fan and TV sockets were installed.

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Every aspect of the design has taken the homeowners’ ideas into consideration, with a particular focus on creating innovative storage solutions.  

Final thoughts

“The cabinetry within this garage conversion is bespoke and houses a freezer and wine fridge along with storage for sports equipment such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, and boxes of wine”, says Ryan. “Everything came out exactly as planned and looks tremendous. My favourite feature is the LED panel lighting window. It was a nice alternative to not add a window, and gave a sense of natural light.”

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This project was completed in
August 2020
Project description
These self-isolating homeowners decided to convert their garage into a gym and wine cellar.
Surrey & Hampshire
United Kingdom
Project duration
28 days
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Kelley Malcher is Renovation Consultant of Aubree Ltd , a franchisee of Renovation Franchise UK Ltd, doing business in Surrey & Hampshire.

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