High-Quality Takes Priority: Bathroom Renovation in Porirua, Wellington

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The owners knew what they wanted out of this en suite and main bathroom renovation in Porirua, so quality won out over cost, resulting in stunning, light-filled transformations, optimising the space with clever storage solutions and high-end finishes.

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A Straightforward Brief on the Bathroom Renovation

Having completed their kitchen renovation in 2020, Anneke and John had their home’s two bathrooms next on their hit list. Outdated and no longer fit for purpose (or pleasure!), the couple were ready to take their tired bathroom and en suite to the next level with well thought-out design and high-quality finishes. 

Anneke and John had used Wellington Renovation Consultant Lia Boersma and her team, including designer Tina Daisley for their earlier kitchen renovation and had a positive experience, so they didn’t hesitate to reach out to Lia and Tina again when it came time to refresh their bathrooms.

The brief wasn’t complicated. Anneke and John knew what they were after and were specific about their desired result. Tina was thorough, carefully listening to what Anneke and John wanted to achieve. She encouraged the couple to lay all of their ideas on the table – their likes and dislikes, loves and hates - so she could understand how to achieve the high-end result they were after. Book your free consultation now!

Quality takes priority

With this in mind, Tina presented an architectural concept drawing to Anneke and John and explored the possibilities in depth. Initially Anneke and John were budget-led, but being very specific about the look, feel, and function of their finished bathrooms, they realised that they would need to spend a bit more. Being realistic about costs, the couple were pragmatic about extending their budget from the initial $80,000 to $100,000 to include the right finishes, allowing the project to progress smoothly. 

Smooth, no-fuss build

Refresh Renovations is a one-stop shop when it comes to design, construction, and management, and Anneke and John appreciated the no-fuss approach this allowed them to take. Council consent was required for waterproofing, and this was obtained without delay. 

Managing all the subcontractors – builders, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, painters, and tilers – requires a highly-organised and goal-driven project manager, and Tina used her expertise to keep all cogs in the wheel turning. Having completed their kitchen renovation while navigating COVID-19 lockdowns, a smooth and straightforward construction phase was welcomed by all! 

Tina kept Anneke and John up to date with project milestones and shared in their growing excitement as the project neared completion. After just six weeks, Tina was able to deliver the final result, on time and on budget.

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Jaw-dropping bathroom transformations in Porirua, Wellington

The bathrooms have undergone a jaw-dropping transformation, with a sleek and modern look to complement the adjoining rooms. The main bathroom houses an ample floating vanity with black cabinetry, providing that always-welcome storage. The joinery and cabinetry complement the warm wood floors, as the dark details of the knots echo the black above. A modern rounded double door shower sits nicely in the corner and a large mirror installed on the opposite wall creates the illusion of extra space.

In the en suite, the level of detail is impressive. The large, cool grey tiles reach the sloped ceiling, creating a solid, rock-esque feature wall. Contrasted with this is the opposite backsplash, made up of tiny, mosaic tiles in cool neutral shades, to pick up not only the feature wall but the cool, ash wood flooring. The exposed burnished copper piping under the sink and matching tapware offer a touch of warmth that complements the warmer streaks in the wood below.

The flood of light from the skylight enhances this expertly-thought-out aesthetic, providing a fresh feeling that emphasises the contemporary look and feel.

To optimise space, Tina and her team made use of the roof space by creating recessed shelving for additional storage. This clever design feature adds functionality in a unique way, making the high-quality outcome even more apparent. Want to hear what our happy customers say about our renovations in Wellington? Check out their testimonials!

Final thoughts about the bathroom renovation

Taking time with Anneke and John to understand their desires fully meant that Tina not only delivered a smooth en suite and bathroom renovation but also took these outdated spaces to outstanding in mere weeks. With an impressive level of thoughtful design and attention to detail, Anneke and John are enjoying the modern, high-quality results, and Tina is enjoying another job well done.

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This project was completed in
December 2023
Project description
Ensuite and main bathroom renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
6 weeks
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Interesting aspects
Recessed shelving in ensuite to optimise roof space and create additional storage
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