Total Transformation: Double Bathroom Renovation in Manukau, Auckland

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Bathroom vanity with backlit mirror

When it came time to renovate her ensuite and main bathroom in Manukau, Auckland, the homeowner chose the end-to-end service that Refresh provides, and the results were dramatic – a total transformation for both bathrooms.

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Bathroom Renovation Manukau & Eastern Bays

Functional bathroom but not fit

This homeowner had been renovating parts of her Farm Cove home over the years, starting with a large extension many moons ago. When it came time to breathe some new life into the bathrooms, she wanted a total transformation. The existing ensuite and main bathroom were functional but with other parts of the home modernised, they no longer fit the overall aesthetic.

Going into the project, there were a few boxes on her list that needed to be ticked off. The quality of the bathrooms was one of the requirements. She wanted good-quality finishes with smart price tags. Another was convenience throughout the renovation process. 

The client didn’t have the time nor the inclination to manage multiple suppliers herself and so wanted a company that would manage the entire project for her. Timing was also key. With Christmas coming up, the property owner wanted her bathrooms finished and ready for the holiday season when family came to stay. Renovation Consultant Becki Binedell was able to tick all of these boxes and more. 

End-to-end service bathroom renovation

By obtaining a thorough briefing, Becki was able to launch into concept and feasibility without delay. With architectural drawings, they were able to establish expectations neatly on both sides. The initial budget was between $35,000 to $40,000 per bathroom and, due to strong relationships with local suppliers, Becki was able to give the homeowner the flexibility to choose quality products within her budget. Converting both showers from acrylic liners to tiled bases also meant the project would require council consent.

Moving into working drawings and costings, the timeline was set at six weeks; Becki confirmed the renovation would adhere to the budget. With end-to-end service, one point of contact throughout the build process, knowing the requirements, and managing the council consents, Becki provided peace of mind heading into construction. It was time to begin the renovations!

Streamlined bathroom construction

Becki and the Manukau team managed the entire build, scheduling tradespeople, ironing out any issues, and communicating with the the property owner. The only challenges arose at the beginning of the reno, as the homeowner was going away on holiday. Becki adapted the schedule to meet her needs, meaning they could begin at a time that suited the client and finish the project in time for Christmas.

Bathroom renovations can be complicated, with a number of detailed tasks needing to run coherently. Becki ensured the builder, electrician, plumber, tiler, shower installer, and painter were given the space and time they required to complete quality work. Due to the streamlined service, the renovation was completed in five weeks, instead of six, which the homeowner was thrilled with, and the final cost of $78,000 fit within budget.

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Total bathroom transformation in Manukau, Auckland

The ensuite and main bathroom have been completely transformed. Gone are the 1990s’ vanities and mottled blue, the outdated and rusting acrylic showers, and sharp-edged mirrors. The homeowner has welcomed in the gorgeous floor-to-ceiling oversized grey wall tiles and complementary floor tiles that give the bathrooms a sophisticated and comfortable feel. 

The circular mirror in the main bathroom and rounded-cornered square mirror in the ensuite are a great contrast to the cornered tiles, and the warm backlighting says ‘ultra-modern’ while being cosy. 

Dark panelled floating vanities in both bathrooms introduce the element of wood to an otherwise cement feel, softening the space. Using tiles and unframed glass for the showers increases the feel of space in each bathroom, removing the overt boxed out area. Recessed shelves are a clever use of space in the showers as well. 

With the footprint of the bathroom being completely functional, the layout remained the same, a great way to keep costs down while delivering a fully-functional space. After such a wonderful transformation, this ensuite and family bathroom now look at home in the modernised Farm Cove house and the homeowner couldn’t be happier.

A great bathroom makeover result

Both Becki and her client are thrilled with the overall finished transformation. The ensuite and main bathroom are 100% modernised, with quality finishes that stayed within budget. Through the streamline service Becki delivered from consult to design to planning and build, the homeowner knew she was in capable hands. Great supplier relationships and clever scheduling meant the finished project was delivered a week early, just in time for family Christmas. 

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This project was completed in
January 2024
Project description
Bathroom and Ensuite Renovation
Manukau & Eastern Bays
New Zealand
Project duration
5 weeks
Cost estimate
$70K - $80K
Actual cost
Timing with client holiday while obtaining consents. Careful scheduling took care of this.
Interesting aspects
Floor-to-ceiling oversized grey wall tiles
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Becki Binedell is a Renovation Consultant of Yellow Pepper Limited, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Manukau and Eastern Bays.

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