Wow Factor Out West: Bathroom Renovation in Waitakere, Auckland

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Featuring bright colours and superior finishes, this double bathroom renovation in Waitakere, Auckland has had a striking impact on a 1990s family home.

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From beige to bold

When Kim and her family bought a 1990s mono-clad home in Waitakere, they saw the potential to really make it their own. The overall consensus was ‘too much beige!’ Kim and her young family wanted to enjoy their busy lifestyle in a place that sparked joy. While the bathrooms could have lasted a few more years, the beige boredom could not.

Reaching out to Renovation Consultant Morag Burns and Project Manager Dominic Hollands, Kim laid out the family’s wish list. Design was the most important thing. People usually renovate to sell, but Kim wanted to renovate to enjoy and was happy to take her time to get it right. Colour was key when it came to the family’s wants. Out with the beige, in with the bright and bold.

Design takes priority

Having experienced poor project management during a previous home renovation in London, Kim made it clear from the start that she would be involved throughout the process to ensure everything was done to her specifications. This worked perfectly for Morag and Dominic as it meant any questions from the renovation team were quickly answered.

Taking time during the concept stage was key. Kim’s attitude of “do it once, do it right” set the team up for a smooth construction stage. Because the family had renovated before, they were realistic with budget expectations and were prepared to spend more to get the quality they wanted. With the budget agreed on and the drawings signed off, Morag was able to begin the construction phase.

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Do it once, do it right

Since the project involved two full bathroom renovations, one was completed first before moving on to the second. This sequence allowed the family to continue living in the home while work was undertaken. It also ensured clear communication as Morag and Kim could touch base whenever required.

Concrete cutting, plumbing, electrical, underfloor heating, waterproofing and tiling, plaster and painting, and shower glass installation: it was all go for some months. An impressive project for an impressive team. In Morag’s view, the project ran like clockwork, thanks to great planning and great clients. 

From boring to bright

The first bathroom uses a gorgeous, deep blue micro-tiled feature wall as its statement piece. The detail of the tiles contrasts beautifully with the large, smooth grey tiling across the rest of the bathroom.

A bold yellow feature wall makes a real impact in the second bathroom while vertical subway tiles create a clean, detailed grid that draws the eye. The separate toilet uses a colourful printed wallpaper above the dado line and onto the ceiling. The two rooms are tied together seamlessly through their use of yellow.

The floating black vanities, bench-top sinks, and black tapware, handles, and railings are kept the same across both bathrooms to create continuity between spaces. With stunning finishes and obvious attention to detail, the bathrooms are fresh and fun, with an underlying feel of luxury.

A balance of form and function is particularly apparent with the use of in-wall cisterns for both toilets. While the removal of the standard cistern creates a contemporary, minimalist feel, the space behind the toilets to house the cisterns was cleverly turned into a design feature, a tiled shelf running along the width of the walls. 

Final thoughts

Morag and Dominic are delighted that Kim’s ideas have been brought to life in such a bright and bold way, much to the pleasure of the family – and the skilled renovation team who enjoyed the vibe of working in such a colourful environment! 

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This project was completed in
November 2023
Project description
Double bathroom renovation
West Auckland
New Zealand
Project duration
5 months
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Interesting aspects
Tiled shelf built over in-wall toilet cisterns is both functional and a design feature.
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Dominic Hollands is a Franchise Owner of DJH Renovations Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in West Auckland.

Morag Burns is Renovation Consultant of DJH Renovations Ltd , a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in West Auckland

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