In February 2017, Jim and Del Gleeson attended the Global Conference in Sydney, Australia and were thrilled to accept the award for Construction Manager of the Year on behalf of their Project Manager.

We delivered 3 of our projects earlier than the contract end (in one instance, 6 weeks earlier). To achieve this, our team ensures there is a clear project timeline (up to a month in advance), which also gives our clients visibility and confidence.  In the words of one client, we practice UPOD - Under Promise and Over Deliver.
The up-to-date scheduling also helps our suppliers and subcontractors to be efficient too, so that they not wasting precious time.  There's nothing worse for our close network of subbies, than to be sitting around or worse, turning up and the site isn't ready for their work.

Our clients can rest assured that they are in great hands when they engage Refresh Renovations to do their next renovation.

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