3D Interior Visualisation Services in Invercargill

Visualisation of a kitchen renovation with half sketched and completed kitchen in the middle.

Ready to renovate but want to ensure your result is going to be exactly what you’re after? Speak to the experts at Refresh. Our team uses a combination of innovative visualisation programs and robust customer support to deliver fantastic results for homeowners, creating kitchen renovation designs, ideas for space optimisation, and bathroom remodelling designs… and that’s just for starters!

To visualise your home renovation plans, get in touch with a local Invercargill Renovation Consultant to arrange your free consultation.

Why choose Refresh Renovations Invercargill?

At Refresh, it’s our mission to change the way the world renovates. It’s common for renovations to be subject to uncertain timelines, budget blowouts, and questionable practices. But, with transparent communication and thorough planning, our approach was designed around the homeowner experience and we aim to deliver excellent results on time and within budget. 

Each home renovation project is led by an experienced Renovation Consultant who will remain your single point of contact from start to finish and help guide you through how to plan a home renovation. Our process includes five thoughtfully curated steps, such as interior visualisation, to help you better understand how to utilise your space and make your renovation a breeze.

Invercargill concept design and visualisation plan

What to know before renovating in Invercargill

Before taking on a renovation, it’s important to know the key to any successful home renovation: planning. Putting anything off to the last minute is a sure fire way to waste valuable resources. That’s why we prioritise securing the right materials and team ahead of time, to save you time and money down the road. 

3D visualisation makes planning that much easier. Homeowners, especially those who struggle to picture changes, can see their design options and take a virtual tour of their planned renovation floor plan.

Experiencing the new design in this way allows you to connect emotionally to your new home, see your space in vivid detail, and get creative with ways you want to transform your home from what it is, to what it could be.

Benefits of interior visualisation during home renovation planning

Creativity and design don’t come naturally to everyone. Some people are great at seeing the potential in a space that has “great bones” and others only see the practicality (or lack thereof) of what already exists. Using a 3D experience like the one we offer allows us to showcase ideas and designs in a contextual setting. In other words, we don’t just explain what your new open plan living area will look like, we’ll show you!

  • Envision you and your family in this new space
  • Get a better understanding of the big picture 
  • Make more informed decisions about both major changes and minor details
Project by: Refresh Renovations Tauranga - Sharon Giblett

How much does a design and visualisation cost in Invercargill? 

Our project prices are all inclusive at Refresh. That means the quote you receive covers each step of our process, including design and visualisation. Should you seek out this service yourself you can expect to spend anywhere from $1,000-$6,000*. 

Before invoices are issued or costs are discussed, you’ll talk over all the details with your Renovation Consultant. Learn more about our 5-step process and renovation project management.

Want to see what your home could look like?

Get in touch with your local Invercargill Renovation Consultation to arrange an initial consultation and discuss ways you can transform your home!