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Hampshire bathroom designer

Refurbishing, renovating or entirely remodelling a bathroom can be a fun home renovation to undertake, and the scope of possibility for these jobs is often underestimated. With plumbing to install, materials to choose from, storage to design and accessibility to consider, there’s lots to think of when it comes to managing a full bathroom design. Refresh Renovations Hampshire takes care of new bathrooms for homeowners across the county; transforming what are all-too-often just functional spaces into tranquil rooms designed for refreshment and rejuvenation.

What aspects of Bathroom Design do Refresh undertake?

Refresh Renovations Hampshire put together a team bespoke to every job, so you can be assured of the perfect group of professionals for your project. Our bathroom design and build services include:
- Bespoke family bathrooms
- Luxury bathroom designs
- Wet rooms
- En-suite installation
- Double shower installation
- Luxury bathroom renovations
- Spa style bathroom design

What are the trends in Bathroom Design?

Bathroom installation tends to be a job set for the long term and so while it isn’t always heavily influenced by trends, there are fluctuations in demand for certain types of bathrooms. In recent months, Refresh Renovations Hampshire have worked on a number of accessible wet rooms, some ambitious spa style bathrooms and en-suite installations. We’re seeing an increase in demand for the use of reclaimed and recycled materials as well as black or dark coloured grouting and some funky tiling designs that depart from the preferred neutral tones of days gone by.

How much does a Bathroom Design cost?

The exact cost of bathroom design is, of course, dependent on the size and scope of the project at hand. Generally speaking, a basic bathroom suite costs from £3,000+ (for off-the-shelf pieces), but high-end luxury bathrooms can be anything from £25,000+ upwards!

Why choose Refresh Renovations Hampshire for your Bathroom Design?

Refresh Renovations Hampshire work on an all-inclusive service approach that assigns a dedicated project manager to every job. This person is responsible for overseeing every detail of the project and managing all involved parties; so everything is taken care of, from the design stage through to your to finished bathroom project.

Will I need planning permission for my Bathroom Design?

There’s not usually any reason to request planning permission for a new bathroom, but there are plumbing standards that need to be upheld in order to protect the water supply in the area. All of Refresh’s plumbers are well qualified and work only to and above these standards in order to ensure a safe and high quality finish. 

What areas do Refresh operate in?

Refresh Hampshire take care of Bathroom Design in Winchester, Andover, Petersfield, Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

Can Refresh help me with my Bathroom Design?

No matter how big or small your ideas for a bathroom design, get in touch. We can install brand new bathrooms for scratch or renovate what you already have – put us to the challenge!

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