Mawatu Conservatory Builders in Palmerston North

Manawatu Conservatory Builders

Always eager to soak in some sun and enjoy the outdoors, many of Manawatu’s residents opt to build their own conservatory. That’s where Refresh Renovations Manawatu comes in. We make it easy for homeowners to achieve their ideal conservatory designs within a set time and budget. 

What Conservatory Services Does Refresh Renovations Offer in Manawatu?

Our team can take care of every aspect of your conservatory’s design and build. This includes:

  • Bespoke conservatory designs
  • Council consent applications
  • Kitset conservatory installations
  • Lean-to conservatory builds
  • Construction
  • Plumbing and electrical
  • Double glazing installation
  • Triple glazing installation
  • Interior design

Cost Guide: Building a Conservatory in Manawatu & Palmerston North

Conservatories in Manawatu are typically used as quaint sunrooms that flow on from the living room through to the backyard of a property. Occasionally, homeowners will opt to build a conservatory as their home’s entranceway or will build their conservatory on a deck. This type of extension work can easily exceed $90,000*. Keep in mind that the final cost will depend on your project specifications, site conditions and council regulations. For a cost estimate accurate to your specifications, please speak with one of our Renovation Consultants. They will work with you to create a design and build that, wherever possible, suits your budget requirements.

What types of materials work well in conservatories?

Double or triple glazed aluminium windows and sliding doors are some of the most common materials in New Zealand conservatories. Wooden windows are another popular and aesthetically pleasing option. In many conservatories, the double or triple glazing with aluminium joinery extends to the conservatory ceiling. However, to maintain a consistent style across the home exterior, some homeowners prefer their conservatory to have a solid roof. 

Understanding the Refresh Design-Build Process in Manawatu: How It Works?

When you work with Refresh, all you need to do is tell us your ideas and then sit back and relax while we carry out your renovation. We’ll take care of the design, council consent, construction, installations, painting and decorating. Our goal is to always leave you with a result that exceeds your expectations: on time and within your budget.

Confused about choosing between a conservatory or a house extension? Check out our expert advice on both options to discover what suits you best!

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*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change.