North Shore Electricians

North Shore Electricians

The Refresh Renovations North Shore team has a team of electricians who can help you with all your electrical needs, including smart home installations, sustainable renovations, rewiring work, lighting designs, and much more. We offer a bespoke end-to-end service, which means we’ll take care of your entire project from start to finish and work to your unique specifications.
If you would like to get started on your electrical work, get in touch with a local Refresh electrician today. Alternatively, you can continue to read below to learn more about the electrical services we offer.  

What electrical services does Refresh Renovations provide in North Shore?

  • Smart home installation
  • Home automation installation
  • Heating and ventilation installation
  • Wiring and rewiring
  • Switchboard replacement
  • Mood, accent, and LED lighting design and installation
  • Solar panel installation
  • Heat pump and air conditioning installation
  • Security and CCTV installation
  • Home theatre installation
  • Surround sound installation
  • Smoke alarm installation
  • Hot water systems
  • ...and anything else you can think of!

Why should you work with a Refresh North Shore Electrician?

Refresh is different to most other electrical contractors as we provide end-to-end project management with a single point of contact, which means your entire electrical work is managed on your behalf by one person who has a holistic view of the entire project. 
We hire and manage contractors on your behalf, apply for council consent, and plan everything to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. 

How much does it cost to hire an electrician in the North Shore?

Although the cost of your electrical work will depend on the scope of your project, the time needed to complete it, and the materials required, specialist installers generally charge around $140* per hour, while individual labour varies between $45 to $90* per hour. An electrical project can cost anywhere between $1,000 (for something like a switchboard replacement) to upwards of $30,000 (for a full smart-home installation). To get an exact estimate of how much your unique electrical work will cost, get in touch with a local Refresh electrician. 

*Please note that these estimates are a rough guideline only. For an exact quote of how much your electrical work will cost, consult a local Renovations Consultant.

Ready to get started on your electrical work?

Get in touch with an North Shore Refresh Electrician today for a FREE one-hour consultation.